The K4ADL Kartoon Korner
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A Sick Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste
Original ham radio cartoons of dubious merit

The Carwash Hamfest Blues The Opening The Wrench Mr. Lightning
Front Door The Bargain DX-pedition Marooned New Ham
The Tunnel Truckers'Meeting The Roof Dayton The Early Years
The Garage The Boat At the Patent Office Samuel Morse Straight Key
Laundry Day Where's Wally? Y2K K4ADL History of ARRL
Canadian Dreams Bed Springs Too Much RF? Road Rage The Singles Bar
The Question Victor's New TV First Dance Origin of "Ham" Marconi's Invention
Ham Hell The Smoker Antenna Farm ATV Boredom The Snowstorm
The Flagpole Poor Buffy Bizarro World The Pouch World Time
Tear-jerker Microsoft The Fox Hunt

What people are saying about K4ADL's Kartoons:

"Keep your day job" "My kinda guy -- sick"
"They're so bad...they're good" "Hey're one sick puppy"
"Your cartoons are absolutely dreadful..." "Have you ever thought of seeking medical help?"
"I laughed, I cried, I finally passed that kidney stone" "How do you make the figures so lifelike?"


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