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Alan's work is a real gift to the ham community.
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DX Aids- Software   DX Spots & Propagation
DX Monitor DX Summit- Spots & Propagation
DXView dxbands.com- The Amateur Radio Portal on the Web
Prefix Finder DX Cluster Resource-  Information, Files and More
AZ_PROJ- Online Map Creation  CT1BOH WEB SITE
BeaconSee- Automated Beacon Monitoring PROPAGATION Solar Information
Active Beacon Wizard ++ EA3QP - DX Clusters
Free! Software- DX & Contesting QST Propagation Charts by K1TD
DX Cluster Resource-  Information, Files & More NCDXF/IARU International Beacon Network
 DX Reference -  DX News & Events
The DX Notebook- the "Swiss Army Knife" of DX Sites- with lots of info! Ohio/Penn DX Bulletins
NG3K's  DX & Contesting- Tons of Links ARRL DX Bulletins
AC6V's Amateur Radio & DX Reference Guide ADXO- Announced DX Operations 
Amateur Radio Reference Library-
education & training materials on wide variety of topics
425DXNews Home Page -
The italian Web pages for serious DXers
Amateur Radio Prefix References Kohtla-Jarve HAM-RADIO Group 
North America Calling List Northern California DX Club
K4UTE Prefix Finder CQ Zone Search Dxing Tips-  North Jersey DX Association
The Daily DX Go List - DX Alert
DX.com - Tons of Links SPEEDX - SWL & DX News
W9DXCC North Flordia DX Association by NO4J
The Radio Amateur's Conversation Guide
QSLing, Callbooks, Log Lookup &
QSL Managers/Routes 
KA9FOX's Ham Radio Contesting and DXing DX Call Books & QSL Info
Bafoofnik's Search Engine QRZ- Online Callbook
DX Links from - NCDXC Buckmaster Callbook
I.O.T.A.- Islands on the Air DX Callbooks from Around World from IK4CLF
Islands Directory WM7D FCC Lookup
NJDXA DX Reflector DX.QSL.NET-  Log Search, Propagation & Chat
SWL DXing -Hard -Core-DX.com K4UTE-QSL Manager Lookup
Q Signals-More Than You Ever Wanted To Know! IARU QSL Buro Addresses from Ham Links
Russian Regions / Prefixes/
Italian Callsign Assignment System
Simplified Frequency  Allocations Table AB7SL's DX Page
Prefix Reverse Lookup Table QSL Cards & Supplies
100 Most Wanted DX Countries Lists Star Quality Ham Radio QSL Cards (formerly WX9X QSLs)
Islands on The Air- Downloadable List QSL Printing and QSLing Supplies
Humor & Advice DXpeditons
No List Lizards-  That's No Way to Work DX ! DX Holiday
So You Want To Be A DXer? DXpedition Resources
Dawg X-ray Club-  Don't be a Member ! OH2MCN Information on Licensing Abroad
AG5T's "new" amateur radio dictionary SM7PKK DXpedition Site

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