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4-Element SteppIR & 2-Element 40m Yagis



Tristao TMS-771 (71') Motorized Crank-up Tower

4-element SteppIR and Cushcraft 40-2CD

AEA 2-meter Isopole for packet

Orion 2800DC Rotor

Download Tristao Catalog, RMC-1000 Remote Control Wiring Diagram

mMore Pics

  The SteppIR has been a fantastic antenna so far.  It's great having a yagi to use on the WARC bands and 6m. 
  Another view...
  Another view...
Tristao BCS "Dual Swing-Over" Base and
RMC-1000 Remote Control
(in the enclosure near the top of the picture)
Another view of the base
1HP motor drive and winch assembly

Custom made re-bar cage for the TMS-771

The tilt base fixture required twelve (12) 1" x 36" J-bolts

This base assembly was built by Paul Nyland, K7PN, owner of Custom Metalworks.

Visit the Custom Metalworks Website

Another view of the J-bolts
The finished re-bar cage ready to be dropped in the hole.

Overall dimensions 40" x 40" x 8 feet

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