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The Shack


Panoramic Image

Custom designed station desk by K7EM.

The desk will accommodate two HF stations with room for all the necessary rotor controls and antenna switches.

The left side of the is 10-feet long and the right side is 8-feet long.

(Left to Right) - Areritron AL-80B, Yaesu FT-1000D, M2 Orion Rotor Controls for 40m, 20m 15m and 10m yagis,  21-inch computer monitor, Yaesu FT-1000 Mark V, TIC RingRotor Controls for 3/3 40m Stack, Heathkit ID-5001 Weather Computer and Henry 5K Classic Amplifier.
Yaesu FT-1000D
Yaesu SP-5 Speaker w/Timewave DSP 599Y
Ameritron AL-80B
Orion Rotor Controls
Ameritron Remote Antenna Switches
Schurr Profi Keyer Paddle
Yaesu FT-1000 Mark V
Yaesu SP-8 Speaker
40m Yagi Stack Control Switch
4-Square Control
Ameritron Remote Antenna Switch
TIC General RingRotor Controls (40m Yagis)
W2IHY Microphone Equalizer and Noise Gate
Bencher Mercury Paddle
Henry 5K Classic Amplifier (2 x 3CX1200A7s)
Heathkit ID-5001 Weather Computer
Nye Viking RFM-003 Wattmeter

In the summer of 2003 I made several modifications to the Henry amplifier to make the cooling system more efficient while at the same time reducing the fan noise.  Full QSK capability and a step-start inrush limiter for the HV power supply were also added.

CLICK HERE to go to my Henry Radio 5K Classic modification page.

It sure takes a lot of wire to make this 'Wireless' hobby fun!
Bencher Mercury Iambic Paddle
A great paddle that is made to the same specifications as the original Mercury Paddle designed and built by N2DAN.

Tension adjustments are done with magnets instead of springs.

For reviews of this key  CLICK HERE
Schurr Profi Iambic Paddle

Beautifully handcrafted Key.

For reviews of this key  CLICK HERE
Begali Magnetic Classic Iambic Paddle

A very nice key that uses magnets instead of springs for tension adjustment.  Smooth as silk!  This is the gold plated version.

For reviews of this key  CLICK HERE
Begali Website  CLICK HERE
Contesting plaques:

Several for SOSB operation on 40m Phone and CW in the CQWW DX and ARRL DX contests.  Also CQ WPX and JA contests.


File size about 500Kb

Dimensioned Drawings of Station Desk
These are my original design drawings of the station desk.  The cabinet maker made a few minor tweaks, but for the most part the desk was built to my exact specs.

CLICK the image
to download the complete set of drawings in a self-extracting ZIP file format.  All files are in Windows MetaFile format (.WMF). The best program for viewing .WMF files is ACDSee CLICK HERE to go the ACD Systems web page where you can download a DEMO version of ACDSee.

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