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Homebrew 15m & 10m Yagis


6el - 15m Yagi on a 36' boom @ 62'
6el - 10m Yagi on a 30' boom @ 52'
Orion 2800 Rotor
(Antennas Designed with Yagi Optimizer by K6STI)

Custom side mount by Custom Metalworks
Visit the Custom Metalworks Website

You can also see the bottom 40m antenna and 1032 RingRotor above the side mounted yagis
Looking up the 40m tower
The 15m & 10m yagis are 18 feet and 28 feet below the bottom 40m yagi
Both of the 40m yagis are mounted on TIC General 1032 RingRotors

Visit TIC General's RingRotor Homepage

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