K7CCH 146.610 Repeater 110.9 PL Access

Amateur radio nets of interest. If you know of a net that should be here, send a note to Joe WA7JAW.

Freq. Name/Group Days Time Local

VHF/UHF Local Nets

145.190 Coos County ARES Net Tu 7:00pm
146.610 CCRC Club net @ 7:30pm     Contact Net Manager Mike KG6HMC     Download the Net Preamble Tu 7:30pm
146.610 CCRC YL Net Wed 7:00pm
146.740 Curry County - Club Net Th 7:00pm
147.250 Curry County - Curry Emergency Net Th 7:30pm
146.960 Curry County - PBARC Public Service Net Tu 7:00pm

Emergency/Civil Defense Nets

3964 ARES District 5 HF Net Su 5:30pm
3980 Oregon Emergency Net (emergency and routine traffic) Daily 6:00pm
3920 Beaver State Net (NTS Traffic Net) Daily 5:30pm
3977.7 SATERN Western Regional Net Su 9:00pm
14,265 SATERN National Traffic Net Daily 8:00am

Other Nets of Interest

14,263 Collins Collectors Association (Nationwide net, good for equipment/antenna/propagation testing) Su 2000 UTC
3940 D.A.R.F. (Christian Fellowship) Mo-Sa 7:00am
3940 Dipsea Net (Friendship) Twice daily Daily 8am & 5pm
7220 Jefferson Noon Net Daily Noon
7283.5 Noontime Net - also 3,970 with secondary frequency of 7,265 Daily Noon till ...
7283.5 Pre-Noontime Net Daily 10:00am
3600 RATTS Net- Previously a Radio Teletype Net, now is Olivia Mo-Fr 8:00pm
ORCA Digital Net - MFSK digital net run by Doug and Mindy out of Brookings, Oregon
7:30 pm

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