K7CCH 146.610 Repeater 110.9 PL Access
Coos County Radio Club invites anyone with an interest in Ham radio, emergency communications, public service, or just plain fun to join us in the great hobby of Amateur Radio.

We offer VE testing bi-monthly for either new licensees or those wishing to upgrade their existing licenses.

Classes are offered each year for those new to Ham radio as well as technical classes on various subjects related to operating an Amateur Station.

Several of our members can "Elmer" (mentor) you in the finer aspects of the radio art and science.  If you would like some assistance or just have a question, contact Dave KA6BIM and he will get you hooked up with someone in your local area.

Session Date Contact Person
Technician License Class There are no classes curently scheduled.

All of our license prep classes are currently run on an as needed basis. Please let Gary know if you would like to take a class.

Most classes are held in the Coos Bay/North Bend area, although we can hold them anywhere in Coos County as the case may be.

Gary N6BLU
General License Class
Amateur Extra License Prep
Amateur Radio License
Testing Session
3rd Thursday of even numbered months at the Union Hall 3427 Ash St. North Bend. Tests begin at 6:30 PM. Come early for registration. Steve KA7A
ARES/RACES Training Schedule to be announced Leo WA7UR

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