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Current K6TPL News Welcome to my Web Page! My antennas are down and that is the big project right now. **** Summer Vacation is here and should give me time to to get that taken care of. ***** Am making big plans about heading off to the boat for a few days of Sailing, but as always seem to just up and put it off.



                                Welcome to my humble home on the World Wide Web, the Super Information highway, Look around and check my page out, there is much work to be done by me yet, but this is my I have added the Web Camera, it doesn't change unless it is on but I will change the feed at least once a day. When I am on the air it will change every 240 seconds. So check back when you can for the latest.

K6TPL Vancouver, WA

Dimmitt Live Web Camera

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I can be found Thursday nights on 160 Meters around 1972 at 8 PM PST And if I am up after 10 PM PST on 80 Meters around 3840 Listen in eh!

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    You notice that the recording equipment " I was in broadcasting 37 years " So that stuff has to be there or I am not at all happy! The equipment all connects to a tower 45 feet tall with a Mosley TA 33 JR on it. When I am on the 75 Meter Band I use a Loop antenna and on 160 Meters my antenna is a inverted Vee up around 40 feet. The ends of this antenna are very low. My Equipment at present is a Kenwood TS-440 and Heath SB-220 Amplifier. For two meters I am using a Kenwood TM-231 connected to a ISO Pole that is around 30 feet in the air, since I live on top a hill that makes local operation very good. My operating during the past 40 plus years has been mainly on 75 Meters. I like 160 and the friendly people that are there, so more time will be spent there in my retirement that is ahead.

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