Roster [Photos]

By first name

Al Mullis                      K4GOE           Extra

Brian Hodges              KM4PZW        Technician

Dave Tabbutt              W3DET          Extra

David Duffer                KK4SEP         Extra

Dustin Willet                KK4ZAZ         Technician

Frankie Buck               KA4APA         Extra

Kirk Blackmon             N5NC            Extra

Lee Hemink                 WD4JFR        General
Wayne Estabrooks      KJ4GDW        Extra

William Cofield             KU4JD           Extra

Club Officers

Trustee              Dave Tabbutt         W3DET

President            Frankie Buck         KA4APA

Vice President     William Cofield       KU4JD

Web Wizard        Marcian Bouchard  KC4TOI

Web Troll            Dave Tabbutt         W3DET

Mascot               Junior                    K9JR

Silent Keys (sk)

Al Waters (Sarge) N4ARW, August 11, 2014
Roger Knapp N4KDR, June 13, 2015
Guilford Chandler (Buddy) KF4CUI, April 2016

We are a club of older amateur radio operators (basically retired) who live in Beaufort County, NC and enjoy the camaraderie and fostering amateur radio by practicing operating and maintaining radio communications during simulated emergency conditions, and participate in amateur radio activity known as contesting.

Charter Members:
Al Mullis K4GOE
Al Waters N4ARW (sk)
Buddy Chandler KF4CUI (sk)
Dave Tabbutt W3DET
Frankie Buck KA4APA
Kirk Blackmon N5NC
Roger Knapp N4KDR (sk)
William Cofield KU4JD

Membership to K4OTH is open to all licensed amateur radio operators who are now and continue to be in good standing with the FCC.