Past Events

Winter Field (WFD) - January

2014 scored     332
2015     "      1,928
2016     "      3,528

CQ WPX Contest - March 
2014 scored  254,140

Sweepstates SSB - November 
2013 scored  14,480
2015     "       27,200

10m Contest - December
2013 scored  43,424
2014     "       19,280
2015     "       34,788


SPAR Winter Field Day

We are a club of older amateur radio operators (basically retired) who live in Beaufort County, NC and enjoy the camaraderie and fostering amateur radio by practicing operating and maintaining radio communications during simulated emergency conditions, and participate in amateur radio activity known as contesting.

Charter Members:
Al Mullis K4GOE
Al Waters N4ARW (sk)
Buddy Chandler KF4CUI (sk)
Dave Tabbutt W3DET
Frankie Buck KA4APA
Kirk Blackmon N5NC
Roger Knapp N4KDR (sk)
William Cofield KU4JD

Membership to K4OTH is open to all licensed amateur radio operators who are now and continue to be in good standing with the FCC.