QRV from Beijing, BY1 in Feb 2008 (last update 2008/6/13)

I had a business trip to China at the end of January 2008. It was to Mianyang, Sichaun and Beijing. It was not bad to seek for spare time for some radio fun ! Licensing is not problem. It just took weeks for mailing and I received permit from CRSA Beijing for USD5 + postage. Next thing to do is to look for clubs to give me opportunities of radio operations.

Finding "hosts" in Mianyang was not  easy. I checked QRZ.com or other database, but no club station there. There are only a couple of clubs in Chengdo, the capital of Sicuan, but it was more than 100km away from Mianyang. I found some individuals in Mianyang on QRZ.com. I e-mailed them but no answer. I assume ham radio is not popular in inland area of China yet, like Beijing or Shanghai. OK, I forget to activate BY8, though BY8 sounds a bit rare.

QRV in Beijing is not big deal. I checked QRZ.com. There are handful clubs there. I sent an e-mail to them and most of them answered me. I found Martti OH2BH is a QSL manager of BY1DX. I also asked him the detail of it. It also worked.

Emailing to Beijing is not so easy like to Tokyo. Sometimes I did not get answered for days. Finally, I managed contacts with three clubs, BY1TT, BY1DX and BY1TT. I lost a contact with B1Z/BY1TX/BY1RX on the way.

It is interesting that three clubs are different style. In early years there were only clubs at schools and "youth activity centers". BY1QH is well-knownclub at Tsinhua University. BY1DX is  at a youth activity center. It is relatively new and was supported by Martti and others when it was opened. BY1TT is a club of individuals. It is completely independent from public organization.

Unfortunately I only have a weekend after my work for my private activities. It was not serious DXpedition, as I just had a couple of hours at each station . Thanks for my friends in BY1 land for their hospitality.

There are some photos of my operation showing how wonderful my visit looks.

Feb 2, 2008

Feb 3, 2008