Visit to BY1DX (Feb 2, 2008, pm) (last updated 2008/5/28)

Wang, BD1JMJ, was kind enough to drive from his home to BY1DX with me (by his BMW !!) along with BY1TT boys.

I spent whole afternoon in the shack until dark and enjoyed more than 200 Qs as JH4RHF/BY1DX.

Thanks for Lan BG1GJP and Wang for their hospitality.


The gate of the building, Chanoyang Youth Activity Center The building of the Youth Activity Center
Amateur radio club, BY1DX is signed at the enterance Antenna, C4XL at the top of the building
Amateur radio room is at 7th floor (and no elevator in the building !) Lots of hand held, as well as other radios (i.e. FT-817) are stored in the cupboard.
BY1DX main operating position, equipped with IC756ProIII and TS-450 Jun at working
License is displayed Wang (student), Jun and Lan BG1GJP (teacher and station manager)

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