Visit to BY1QH (Feb 3, 2008) (last updated 2008/5/28)

I visited BY1QH Sunday afternoon and enjoyed approx 300 QSOs as BY1QH. It was just before Chinese New Year and very few students were there. Fortunately, Sun, BG1NAL, was kind enough to stay here to escort me.

As like universities in Japan, only two students are club member. (yes, I was so lucky to catch one of rare two members !) The BY1QH activities are not so frequent though they have strong signals.

BY1QH is located at Tsin Hua University, one of the best university in China ... and the gate
You can see 20m 4element on the building. Club is at Building 16, building for student activities. (oh, I remember such atmosphere... same as my university ...)
Here is the radio club... Shack was equipped with TS450, AL811 and IC750
Sun BG1NAL Jun at operating position (I was a bit tired after struggling CW pile ups without CW filter !)
Some equipment left from their EME activities ... and some more junks ... (yes I remember such atmosphere at JA3YKC...)

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