As I mentioned in the page of "My Personal Information", I visited Hawaii and attend the summer N.I.C.E. (New Intensive Courses in English) program at the University of Hawaii for a month (July 25. 1997 - August 25. 1997). It was one of the supplementary awards for the grand prize winner of the 28th Mayor of Honolulu All Japan ECC English Oratorical Contest held in September 1996. I want to show you our experiences in Hawaii. Please CLICK any HYPER LINK in the table shown below. Then you can find out further information with some pictures. I suspect that you may find some strange words in it. They would be connected with Amateur (HAM) Radio, my hobby. If you are not interested in it, please skip these words. If you can take a look, I'll appreciate it. Anyway, I enjoyed study and other things very much during the period of my stay. For example, swimming, shopping, getting suntan, ham radio, etc.

*Events without HYPER LINK means "Under Constructions" or "No Plan to give further information". Sorry.

Date Day Events, Activities, etc.
7/25 Fri *Departure from Kansai Int'l Airport *Sightseeing *Registration at UH *Set up K7IL/KH6
26 Sat *Ala Moana Shopping Center *IOTA Contest
27 Sun *Phoned John (K7CXJ) *FAX to ECC and my home at Kinko's
28 Mon *Orientation and Placement Test at UH *We met Judy (NICE Coordinator)
29 Tue *Campus Tour *We met Dr. Tanaka (Associate Dean) *I got an E-mail account
30 Wed *Class *I went to the Honolulu Electronics and WH6CYF with John.
31 Thu *Class *Phoned Ms. Fujikawa (Mayor's Secretary) *Watched a Baseball Game
8/ 1 Fri *Class *Connected to JE3YEK-7 by Telnet
2 Sat *Kahala Mall & Hanauma Bay *Phoned Bernie (K5XS)
3 Sun *Shopping at the Star Market *Visited Bernie's Family
4 Mon *Class *Sans Souci Beach 
5 Tue *Class *Taking a rest with broadcasted Hawaiian Music
6 Wed *Class *Bus Trip for Aloha Stadium
7 Thu *Class *FAX to ECC at Campus Center *Preparing for Press Releace
8 Fri *Summer N.I.C.E. Picnic *Ala Moana Beach
9 Sat *I bought NIKE Shoes at $19. *Phoned Florence (KU7F) in Seattle
10 Sun *Trip Around Oahu by bus
11 Mon *Class *Waikele Shopping Center
12 Tue *Class *Dinner with Vietnumese Food
13 Wed *Class *Visited WH6CYF again
14 Thu *Class (Movie "Forrest Gump") *Enjoy Bowling *FAX to ECC
15 Fri *Outdoor Activity (Maritime Center) *Hanauma Bay *Talking to Craig (Dorm Manager)
16 Sat *Sandy Beach *Phoned Mr. Konishi (ECC) *KCJ Contest
17 Sun *Made in Hawaii Festival
18 Mon *Class *Official Visit to Mayor of Honolulu *Farewell Party for Chikako
19 Tue *Class *Going to Airport to see Chikako off. *Class Party at an Vegetarian Restaurant
20 Wed *Class (Last day of "Interchange Program") *Submarine Tour
21 Thu *Final Class *Waimea Falls Park
22 Fri *Graduation *Phoned Howie (KH6CD) *Dinner with friends of the Intermediate Class
23 Sat *Carl (Korean)'s Departure *Pupukea Beach with Casey *Visited Howie's Family
24 Sun *Video Recording on the Campus *Leaving Hawaii from Honolulu Int'l Airport
25 Mon *Arrival at Kansai Int'l Airport *Getting back to my home by Airport Limousine


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