Sightseeing 07/25/97

Punchbowl We arrived at Honolulu International Airport early in the morning. A guide took us to some famous places. Yes, it was nice. But we were very sleepy. As we had a month to enjoy everything, I wanted to get to our dormitory soon. Anyway, here is the National Memorial Cemetery, "Punchbowl". We could only drive through this area. I heard they try to keep the immoral tourists away from the sacred place. There are a lot of tombs of U.S. citizens died for their motherland.
You may hear the name of King Kamehameha before. There is his statue in front of the Supreme Court of Hawaii. He was a great King and he unified whole Hawaii in 1795. This stutue was unveiled in 1883 when King Kalakaua acceded to the throne.
Aloha Tower Aloha Tower is one of my favorite places in Hawaii. It was built in 1925 and was the symbol of the Port Honolulu. Nowadays it is surrounded by "Aloha Tower Market Place" and there are full of people all day. Aloha Tower has an great observatory on its 10th floor. We can look around 360 degrees from there. I'll show you a scene of the superb view.Ocean View


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