Set up K7IL/KH6 07/25/97

After sightseeing, we had to register our class at the University of Hawaii (UH). When we could settled at the room of the dormitory, it was almost evening. Even though I had been so tired, I couldn't stop setting up my temporary radio shack. I unpacked my radio set and could have the first QSO with JA1BAX on 14MHz SSB at 2102(HST). It was my first operation with the callsign of K7IL.
The main purpose of this trip was studying English at UH and I didn't have any information if the radio operation would be available or not. Anyhow, I brought a FT-757 and the mobile whips. Fortunately, my room was on the 11th floor of the 13-story-building. And I could attached the mobile antenna base to the frame of the window successfully. For CW, instead of the heavy manupilater, I used my PC prepared for keeping diary. The mouse could be a nice manupilater.
Picture of myself. I stayed at the room #1114 of Hale Aloha (dormitory) for a month. It is located at the east end of the UH Manoa. You'll find two callsigns on my suitcase. N7DUU is my first U.S. call which I got in Seattle in 1982. 5W1IL is for Western Samoa DX Pedition given by the JARL Kyoto Club cerebrating its 40th anniversary in 1989. It is the first one among series of my "IL" calls.


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