At the N.I.C.E. office 07/29/97

I completed my registration at the N.I.C.E.(New Intensive Course in English) office. They can issue the ID cards for only N.I.C.E. students. We are also able to have another ID card issued by UH student center. Both, of course, work well. They are quite useful. We can use any facilities of UH and obtain discounts at certain places outside University. Even at Hanauma Bay, one of the famous sightseeing spot in Hawaii, we could enter the beach free of charge.
We met Dr. Peter Tanaka, Interim Associate Dean and Director of International Programs. As it was the official visit representing ECC, we were little nervous. But we recovered soon because of Peter's warm personarity. He gave a welcome to us and we had a chat about our study, speech contest, job, dream, etc.
She is Ms. Judy Ensing, Coordinator of this program. We took some pictures with her at their office. She is very kind and always making effort to make our stay perfect and successful. As they accept a lot of Japanese students every year, there are some Japanese souvenirs in the room.


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