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Introducing CW
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Introducing CW

Regarding the obsolescence of wireless telegraphy (CW or Continuous Wave), a river of words has been spent:  nowadays, CW is almost completely dismissed, all throughout the world. The Art of Wireless Telegraphy from indoubted lead-role player of the XX century, is slowly approaching its sunset time.
An Italian former RT Officer Urbano Cavina I4YTE says "CW is the latin of new ages", and  we are compelled to agree with these words.
However, even in these very tough days for wireless telegraphy, a significant number of people is getting more and more interested in CW, acknowledging that this form of art is demanding for styile and precision, two features that can only be obtained with study and dedication.
A CW QSO made with precision is like a piece of art: unique and irrepetible on time.