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Balkan area 1942, manpack RF-1 in action

ATTENZIONE ! ! ! L'avventura continua.....Visto il successo del "Progetto PARASET" ora in linea il progetto di una nuova replica storica denominata : " OLGA " Anche in questo caso si tratta di una "radio Valigia", ma di origine Norvegese. Anche se non siete interessati alla autocostruzione vi consigliamo di dargli una occhiata..., ma attenzione potreste cambiare idea......

UPDATED ON  May 6 2003
- SEG Serie sets description -

New New !!! While will be again on line the PARASET PROJECT see LA5MT story (Updated on May 5th 2003) a new project is started : The Norwegian suitcase radio " OLGA ". Take a look to page 12 and 13 and be ready to this new fashinating adventure.....  

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This should be an original subject for the Lovers of military radio history and then, I guess, of interest or curiosity for many. 
Also if for me there is a certain difficulty, I have chosen to use the English language in the description of the sets to increase the possibility of understanding. 
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The site will be devided in different pages, where will be possible find sets used from Army, Airforce and Navy. 
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According the suggestions arrived from many friends, the sections have been divided in different pages. Added a new item (Articles) now only in Air Force section. I received some photos of italian set from USA and England with the request of infos and details. No problem. About the possibility to get some piece, unfortunately it is not easy because also in Italy they are quite rare. ...73 de Mario

Look at page 8 specially if you like spy sets. In this section you will find the complete description of the British WW2 spy set PARASET type. In addition there are all details to build a replica of this set. If you will start with this project, please let us know we will add to the pages your experiences and suggestions. ADDED page 9 with last info for PARASET project