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APRS is a system that allows to report the geographical position of stationary or moving objects in combination with a GPS receiver (cars, airplanes, hikers, bikers, ISS etc.). In addition to position data, telemetry data can be acquired remotely (e.g. temperature, wind-speed, any parameter that can be measured electronically). See my APRS LEMPS-Telemetry page. Data are distributed by packet-radio and can be fed into the Internet via APRS-gateways.


The maps above shows the position of several amateur radio stations in Switzerland (top) and around Bern (bottom). Usually, the maps are updated every three to five minutes. My home is at HB9BA-2 in Zauggenried, my lab at HB9BA-15 in Bern.

Last update of the map: see lower left corner. If the image is missing or "broken", it is currently beeing saved. Reload or Shift-reload in a few seconds! Page reloads every 3 minutes!


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HB9PVI and HB9BA in the Internet:

To see where I was driving around during the last 100 hours, see HB9PVI-9 in HB9 (mobile or portable, wait 2 minutes!!) or HB9PVI-9 local. Recently - (breadcrumb) HB9BA is our club in Solothurn and runs several APRS digipeaters (HB9BA-*) and an IGATE (HB9BA-2) in Zauggenried. The IGATE runs DiXPRS software on a Sheeva plug computer.
HB9BA-8 is a weather station built with a microcontroller system (see my LEMPS page for details). HB9BA-4 is a WIDE digipeater that will be located 1284 m above sea level on the Weissenstein ("white stone") mountain. It is presently running in test mode in Solothurn (not on VHF yet).
Check whether HB9PVI was recently digipeated by the International Space Station (ISS). Look for HB9PVI-5 or where I was on the road recently. iPhone and iPad are here HB9PVI-3. Handheld APRS is here HB9PVI-7.
Live JavAPRS in HB9 and central Europe is here! Here you will see the location of our club house in Solothurn HB9BA.



More info about APRS software:
Real-time APRS is available from:
APRS map files (for download):

APRS for Mac / Windows by the Sprouls

Europe JavAPRS from this site!


APRS for DOS by Bob Bruninga

General info about APRS:


UI-view by Roger Barker



javAPRS by Pete Loveall






X-Astir for Linux by Frank Giannandrea


Weather near HB9BA-8:
Digi/IGATE software: APRS4R, APRX, DixPRS  
Click for Bern-belp, Switzerland Forecast



Download APRS Info:
Download APRS Info:
Article in OldMan 7/8 1999 By HB9PVI & HE9ZGN (PDF-File 64 kByte)
OT 2 software and info (ZIP-file from 19.4.2008)

PowerPoint Presentation (German. ZIP-file 2 MByte)

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