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APRS is a system that allows to report the geographical position of stationary or moving objects in combination with a GPS receiver with radio signals (cars, airplanes, hikers, bikers, ISS etc.). In addition to position data, telemetry data can be acquired remotely (e.g. temperature, wind-speed, any parameter that can be measured electronically).

The map below is updated every 3 minutes and shows the position of the presently active APRS amateur radio stations in


Our club (HB9BA) maintains an APRS-Internet gateway at HB9BA-2.


A WIDE digipeater with the call sign HB9BA-4 is located 1284 meters above sea level on the Weissenstein (white stone) mountain and covers a large part of Switzerland as well as some neighboring areas in France and Germany.


For more information please visit

http://beam.to/hb9pvi and