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(Updated 12 January 2003)

To find out more about 23cm activity in GM (and the rest of the UK) a good starting point is the GM-23 e.mail list, hosted by Yahoo. Any member of the list can post sked requests, news, questions etc for all to read. To join go to

The following resources are available on this site, to help you in your search for 23cm DX!

THE QRV LIST - A list of all known stations QRV on 23cm in GM, GI, GD and the North of G and GW, with details of their stations, QTH etc and e.mail addresses where known.

CONTEST CALENDAR - This lists all known 1.3GHz contests in the UK and Western Europe, with dates and times.

BEACON LIST - A 23cm beacon database, listed by frequency.

BEACON BEARINGS - Another 23cm beacon database, this time listed in orde of bearing from Edinburgh.

THE DX CLUSTER - Link to the OH2AQ DX Cluster on-line.

BAND-PLAN - The IARU Region 1 23cm Band-plan.

AWARDS - The RSGB Microwave Awards Scheme.

ANTENNAS - Links to lots of articles and web-pages about 23cm antenna designs.

ARTICLES - Articles about 23cm design, operating etc. (All contributions welcome!)

LINKS - Links to many 23cm-related sites.

GALLERY - A rogues gallery of 23cm operators and stations

OLD NEWS - When this site was first set up news was posted on this page. Now we use the GM-23 e.mail list instead. However, there's a wealth of interesting information in the archive here. More recent news can be found at the GM-23 archive (see above)

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