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21 November 2001

As the GM-23 e.mail reflector is now being well-used and virtually everything that is posted here is also posted there I am going to stop posting news on this page. For the latest news go to the GM-23 archive at:


From David GM4WLL (4 November 2001)

Just a reminder of the 3rd RSGB 23cm cumulative contest tomorrow, 5 Novemmber 2000-230UTC.

1296MHZ QRV List - 5 November 2001

Station Name Locator Notes

G3PHO/P Peter IO93HH Phone 07811 808605

G3XDY John JO02OB May start a little late

G4THI Andy IO93HD Phone 07831-775209

G8AZA Ted IO94TF Only QRV for final 45 minutes

G8OHM/P BARS IO82QL Phone 07711-077113 Will beam GM at 2045

and 2145 on 1,296.220 +/- 5KHz

M0GHZ David IO81..





GM4WLL/P David IO76XA Phone 0771 982 8537 Note change of QTH for this contest

GM6CMQ Dan IO86GA Not QRV for entire contest


From David GM4WLL (28 October 2001)

Galasheils Rally 28/10/01

I put on a small 23cm stand at the Galasheils Rally today, to raise awareness of 23cm. (I had to be there anyway to put some kit in the bring and buy). The stand attracted quite a bit of interest, ranging from the casual "there's no-one on 23cm is there?" to enquiries from a few people who seemed seriously interested.

Nice to meet three 23cm-ers, whose mug-shots were captured for posterity:


Alex GM0HNX (ex GM8BDX)

Andrew GM7HUD

Another interesting contact was Ellis GM4GZW. Ellis is repeater keeper for the Edinburgh 70cm repeater. GB3ED. Apparently there is some interest in the possibility of a 23cm repeater, possibly linked to GB3ED. Eliis was wondering if anyone would be interested in supporting or helping if this project were to go ahead. He can be contacted at [email protected] He is also looking for suggestions for equipment, possibly ex-commercial, which could be used.

73 de David GM4WLL

From Andy MM1CXE (28 October 2001)

Below is a copy of a packet message from Trev M1CUK who runs GB7FCR

BBS which is accessable via telnet. You will see he also has a 'Convers

Server' as well. I am afraid we don't have a good enough packet network

in Scotland to support Convers Servers unfortunatly.

73, de Andy - MM1CXE


Hi Everyone...

Just a little info on how to get the best from the Gateway when you

telnet in to the node on port 23..

there are links to dxclusters / nodes all around the world / bbs systems /

world wide convers servers..

Its all there for you to use and set up in such a way as to make using

it as simple as possible..

example and screen capture's shown below..


Login : Enter your callsign

Password : You MAY be prompted for your password, Use the same one that

you use to connect to FBB with.

Please note that To use the links below just type the Link you want and

press enter DO NOT use a "C" before the Link..





Type ? for a list of commands.

help (commandname) gives a description of the named command.


Hello User 19:42:16 ?> ?

GATE97:M1CUK-1} Commands:

?, AXBBS, BLPOOL, Bye, Connect, CONV, ECho, Escape, Finger, GB7NLW

GB7WLR, Help, HOst, Info, IPBBS, Links, MBCDX, Mheard, NLinks, Nodes

PIng, Ports, Routes, Status, TAlk, Telnet, TIme, Users, ZConnect, ZTelnet


As you can see there is a limited number of options from this menu..

HOWEVER if you type BLPOOL <Press enter> You will connect to the main

Node at gb7fcr, and as you will see there are a lot more options / Links

for you to use

screen dump below..


blpool <enter>

GATE97:M1CUK-1} Connected to

LinuxNode v0.3.0 (

login: m1cuk

BLPOOL:GB7FCR-1 Welcome to network node

This Node Supports both TCP/IP - AX25 & InterNet Connects..

IPBBS Will Telnet to TCP/IP BBS.

BBS Will Connect to AX25 BBS.

MBCDX Will Connect You via Internet To GB7MBC DXCluster Morecambe Uk

DJK Will Connect You via Internet To GB7DJK DXCluster Norfolk UK

BIG Will Connect You via Internet to GB7BIG DXCluster in I-O-M

EA5 Will Connect You via Internet To EA5URV DXClusters in Spain

CONV Will Connect You to the World Wide Convers Server Tower_UK

INFO Will tell you about this System.

The BBS Home Page is now at

Access from the InterNet to Packet Network from the links page.

73 - Trev.., M1CUK @ GB7FCR

From Jonathan G4KLX/HB9DRD (26 October 2001)

Hi All

I've seen mention of using the DX Cluster when out /P. Can I also mention the benefit of the WW Converse system. On there, on channel 10368 you'll find lots of stations in EU and a few in the UK who would love to work you all, furthermore when conditions are poor you get high quality chat from experienced microwave stations, such as DB6NT, PA0BAT, OK1JKT, OE5VRL and others.

It is particularly good when the rain scatter season is with us.

I wish more people from the UK would use the system, they would work more people over here I am sure. It is so frustrating hearing stations north of me working G3XDY and I can't get him to beam further south to me. Hint, hint.

I'd dearly love to work you all on 23cms and higher from my QTH near Zurich, but you don't help yourselves sometimes.

Jonathan HB9DRD/G4KLX

From David GM4WLL (26 October 2001)


9 QSOs, 7 squares, 4 GMs. That's more like it!!!!

Conditions in the contest didn't seem too clever. I had skeds with M0GHZ and G3PHO/P, both of whom I've heard on other occasions, but not a squeak tonight. I also heard G8ZQB but didn't work him.

Activity on the other hand was amazing! I think I took 7 or 8 calls from people looking for skeds (what someone called 21cm talk-back!) and it was obvious that some of the G stations are starting to look towards the North as a matter of course.

Stations worked were as follows:

GM6CMQ - Dan

G0EHV - Eddie in Gateshead

GM0HNX - Alex in Birgham, formerly GM8BDX, now using his A call on VHF/UHF

GM3WYL - A new square for me - IO75 - Thanks Tony


G4CLA - IO92LJ - a new station for me


GM0BRJ - Another new one for me - Drew in Kilsyth. Sorry I struggled to hear you on ssb!

G8OHM/P - the Birmingham club in IO82QL.

Not a bad haul! Many thanks to everyone who worked me.

73 de David GM4WLL

From David GM4WLL (25 October 2001)

1296MHZ QRV List - RSGB Cumulative Contest - Friday 26 October 2001

MM1CXE Andy, St. Monans (IO86OE) Will be QRV

GM3WYL Tony, Lenzie (IO75WW) May be QRV

GM0BRJ Drew, Kilsyth (IO76XX) May be QRV

GM0UHC Ian, Broxburn (IO85FW) Will be QRV

GM4WLL/P David, Lauder Common (IO85NR) Will be QRV

Phone: 0771 982 8537

GI0GDP Geoff Will be QRV

Will listen towards GM on the hour - please beam GI and call

G3PHO/P Peter, Near Sheffiel Will be QRV Will beam North to call and listen at each hour and half-hour.

G0HNW Paul, Derbyshire (IO93CN) Will be QRV.

May be /P at IO93CN

G8OHM/P Birmingham ARS Will be QRV Will call towards GM on 1296.220 at 2045UTC and 2145UTC

G4THI Andy (IO93) Will be QRV

M0GHZ David (IO81) Will be QRV Will call towards GM on 1296.175 at 2100UTC

G4BRK Neil (IO91DP) Will be QRV

From Derek G8TOK (25 October 2001)

Personally I believe that the majority of the long south to north

contacts are going to occur not in a contest, but as a result of

operators at both ends spotting enhancements in conditions, and reacting

to them quickly.

For example (referring to 70MHz rather than 23cms) there was a nice

Aurora the other day. I "spotted" a request for 70MHz contacts with

GM/GI/EI. Result - nothing whatsoever, but the band was open.

I would love to experiment with WSJT on 23cms or 70MHz, using aircraft

reflections as opposed to MS, to see whether it would be possible to

work over otherwise closed paths, but no volunteers to work so far.

Shame. Had some good results with GU on 50MHz over a path which seems

far too short for proper MS.

Catch you another time, I am sure.

Best 73,

Derek G8TOK

From John G3XDY (23 October 2001)

Unfortunately I won't be around on Friday - its my mother in law's 80th

birthday so we are off to visit her over in Hertfordshire for the weekend. I

hope to be around for the session on 5th November though.

May be worth keeping an eye on the weather maps over the next few days - at

the moment the forecasts show a large high pressure system over the UK

moving East from Sunday night and through next week, which could give some

good tropo.


John G3XDY

From Steve G4AEQ (22 October 2001)

Well I put the antennas up for the Oct. UHF but didn't get on until the Sunday

and then didn't work very much. I have now put the 2m aerials back for a

while so I can't oblige you with a QSO unfortunately. One day I will be

able to be QRV on all bands simultaneously but I will need to move QTH


Vy 73 de Steve G4AEQ

From Nick GM4OGI (21 October 2001)

I do not think I will be on during te contest. I am working away from home a considerable amount of time and have not had the time (or finances) to replace the rotator. I am spending what time I have putting the finishing touches to the 3cm system (10 watts and 0.8dB pre-amp with a 90cm dish).

It is a little frustrating as I have all the new kit ready to go (150watts and 0,6dB preamp) and can't use it yet! I'm looking forward to getting things sorted out so that more stations further South can be persuaded to point their (small) beam northwards.

Have fun!

Nick - GM4OGI

From Andy MM1CXE (21 October 2001)

I am now qRV on 23cm SSB. I have a very small station but it is working so

that is the main thing. I am running a TS-790A. I plan to sort antennas out

as soon as I get time.

Last night Saturday I was on 1296.200MHz and you may be shocked to read I

had a 3 way QSO.

I worked GM6CMQ and GM0FMW, the good bit about it is I have to point at

Edinburgh to work Dan so I was able to work GM0FMW at the same time.

From Derek G8TOK (14 October 2001)

Hello everyone

I have registered with the group to keep an eye on what is going on up


Been on the band for years but never managed to get further north than

IO94, and it is nice to see some co-ordination of the activity up there.

I have spent hours shouting to no avail, and in the end you inevitably

turn towards the EU in frustration! (I could say the same about North

West England and GW)

I am located in JO01BI on the Kent/London border and run 40 watts to two

23 element yagis. I have 29 squares confirmed and my best DX is SM6HYG

at 1054km.

For those of you beaming south you might like to listen for GB3NWK

(North West Kent) on 1296.803 (it should be on 810) which beams about

North West with 50 watts erp from a site 180 metres ASL in JO01BI (err,

yes, that is my locator too.....!!).

I don't think I have ever seen a report for this beacon on the Cluster

on its current beam heading, and it is intended to be for the benefit of

those up north.

I am willing to try skeds, but it is only realistic when conditions are

enhanced. I also have DX UHF TV receiving equipment and can spot UHF

lifts quite quickly. I try to "spot" the Cluster when they happen.

I would be curious to try WSJT on the band if anyone is QRV as I have

made some amusing contacts on other bands using what I assume to be

reflections off aircraft etc. I know WSJT is an MS mode (I use it

"properly" myself on 50MHz, 70MHz and 144MHz) but you never know what

you can work until you try....

By the way I am about to sell a TS790A with a 23cms module if anyone

wants to get in before the RadCom advert. E-mail for details. The

TS790A is the American version of the TS790E and has a slightly higher

spec than the EU version. This one was legally imported to order by

ML&S. I have just bought another rig and I no longer need it.


Derek G8TOK

From Alan GM4ZUK (13 October 2001)

Yes, I was a little disappointed with activity and condx too. I only

heard GM4WLL/P and G3XDY. John G3XDY was a good signal however when

he turned his antenna in my direction, however. I had the cluster

which allowed me to find John's frequency. I just use a Psion 3C

organiser and a Kenwood TH-D7E handy - it's ideal for portable

cluster access. I would not go out /P on VHF/UHF/SHF without the

cluster these days - It's so useful for knowing who is operating

where. I did spot GM4WLL/P to try and give David an extra contact

My 23cm station from IO86RW consisted of a Kenwood TS790E and Tokyo

50W amplifier and it's built in Gaasfet preamp and a Tonna 23 element

Yagi at 20ft. Unfortunately the preamp suffered from some sort of

overload which I have not experienced before. Very strange - I have

a suspicion it is being overloaded by the DTTV transmissions from the

nearby Durris main TV transmitter. Further investigation required.




From Andy GD0TEP (12 October 2001)

Hi all...

I managed to work G8OHM and G0ODQ last night....

Missed ones included G6NB, G8DKK, M0GHZ and one more but i cant remember the


Strange how i seem to be able to hear better than i can TX... (yes, i know

that sounds odd)

Station here, 4x26, 100w, and DB6NT pre-amp up the mast.

I "might" have 13cm up and running for the next one...

73 de Andy, GD0TEP

From Tony G6TTL (8 October 2001)

Just a non-report on 23!

What a weekend!

Put the 23cm antenna up on Thursday, gear tested OK on the bench. Rx side fine via the antenna - Martlesham 5/9, which was quite good I thought. Emley Moor also audible at reasomable strength. So gave the impression that it might be good from here when propagation allowed!

Transmit side ok on the bench.

Saturday and the chance to try it. Severe thunderstorm after about 20' 15mm of rain in 20 minutes!!

Next time fired up very low o/p on transmit - don't know yet what the problem is.

Very poor conditions on 70cm only FIVE UK stations heard and best DX was to JO20.

I shall see what the cumulatives bring.

If I can solve the 23cm problem will let you know.


Tony, G6TTL.

From David GM4WLL (2 October 2001)

Here is the latest information I have on activity for Saturday's 23cm Trophy Contest (1400-2200 GMT 6 October)

PA6C in JO33FB will be QRV on 1296.190 with 100W to a 2m dish - call in on 432.190 for a 23cm sked or phone Eene PA3CEG on 31 592 613557 during the contest.

DL3YEE in JO42GE will be QRV on 1296.150 with 150W to 4x 48ele beams. He will beam to GM on 423.400 at 2130GMT to make skeds, then QSY to 1296.150. Alternatively phone Kalus during the contest on 0049-5223-130711.

PA5DD in JO22IC will be QRV on 1296.240. Uffe will beam towards GM at 2100GMT.

PE1HWO will be QRV from JO21GV, running 50W to a 65 ele yagi and will be on the DX cluster or WWC 14345 during the contest.

G5B will be QRV from JO03CE with 400W to 16x 23 ele yagis. They will beam to GM at 1500GMT for 5 minutes. If all else fails call Robert G1ZJP on 07818 414706 during the contest.

G6TTL hopes to be QRV from JO03BB, assuming the wx this week allows for antenna erection!

GM4WLL/P will be QRV from IO85NR, running 18W to a 67 ele yagi. I can be contacted during the contest on 0771 982 8537.

Anyone else?

73 de David GM4WLL

From Eene PA3CEG (24 September 2001)

We will be qrv and hope to work many stations from your area. On 70, we have two 2 systems with 4 x 36 el. and good power. The calling frequency is 432.190 Mc. Please ask the boys on 70 for a 23 sked, so we can turn over the dish to work you on 23 cm (1296.190 / 2 mtr dish & >100 Watt) and up. We are

also qrv on 13, 9, 6, 3, 1,2 and 0.6 cm. The 70 group is in the field and for 23 and up, my home station is used during the contest with the PA6C call. If you can't contact us, feel free to call me ..31 592 613557 and also outside the contest, if you like to work JO33fb.

Last year on the Adastral Park meeting, some hams from "the nord" told me about an activity group for

23 and also 3 cm. Also looking forward to work them on 3 cm!!! (Dish 75cM/29 1/2"-Nf 1.0dB-25Watt) I hope that you will spread out this David and if you have, please send me a list with the active stations and locators from yourarea. I will take a look on the 23index, maybe is there also some info.

By the way, we have the same experience with stations from southern_ and middle part of UK, just a few turn there antennas over to JO33!!! It should also be nice for the future, if the UK contest manager would share the same dates for contesting on UHF and up. Shearing those dates will increase the activity on the higher bands.

Best 73's and I will take a look on your web-site.


[email protected]

From Uffe PA5DD (23 September 2001)

I still miss IO85 on 23cm.

Unfortunately, there is not much else to work in your direction.

I will be QRV on 23cm & up only in the contest, so 70cm will only be for

making the odd sked. I normally hang out around 1296.240......

How about 21z ?, it's normally a dull spot. Any other time is also OK, so forward one if 21z is not OK. Sometimes the early morning hours has some enhanced tropo, but most people are in bed by then. I'm copying the mail to PA0WWM. Wim is on the coast, and is in a good spot for working you.

73 Uffe


From Andre PE1HWO (23 September 2001)

Thanks for your mail. I will look for you next Contest on 23cm. IO85 would be a new square believe it or not.

My station is a ic202s trv cfy13 frontend and 50w from 3 bricks ant 65ele uhf ly 5m boom at 20m asl.

On 70cm i only run 10w qrp at the moment, but i 'll bve on pi8dxq and WWC 14345 for skeds and talkback.

Hope to work you!

73 Andre [email protected]

From Klaus DL3YEE (23 September 2001)

I am also intrested on QSO´S to GM on 70cm and up.

My Rig here on this Side is on 70cm 120watt into 2x29ele Yagi

and on 23cm 150Watt into 4x48ele Yagi

13cm 10Watt 1,2mtr Disch

9cm 5Watt 90cm Dish

6cm 5Watt 9cm Dish

3cm 2,5Watt into 48cm Dish

and the last 1,5cm 100mw into 48cm Dish

My Locator is JO42GE with good Take off in your dir.

and I am 100mtr ASL with 40km Horizont.

best wishes and vy 73 de Klaus DL3YEE

From Ted G8AZA (23 September 2001)

Many thanks for the welcome, the callsign is G8AZA an out and out vhf/uhf/microwave man and on 1296 from the valve era. Present setup on the bench Collins S Line driving xvertrs for 50,70,144,1296,2304/20 mhz plus two FT221RDs. Portable kit IC505, FT290, IC290D,FT790R,IC490E,White box conversion for 10Ghz plus the masts and antennas.Along with all that are H/Brew linears for all bands up to 13cms

Yes the QTH is still the same, QRA is IO94TF 4 miles south of Scarborough. The take off to the north is poor I have a 500ft hill called Olivers Mount between me and you, the take offs NE round to WNW are not to bad my best directions are E round to SSE as I am only 800yds from the sea so the Benelux countries are dead easy if there is any activity.Home station antennas are:-

56el Quadloop Yagi for 13cms, 2 x 23el Tonnas for 23cms, 2 x 19el Tonnas for 70cms, 17el Cushcraft Boomer for 2m, 4el Yagi for 4m and a 4el Yagi for 6m all shared between a 50ft tower and a 30ft pole.All main antenna feeds are 450Heliax with short UR67 links to pass the rotators. Like you the 23cms PA's are a pair of Mitsubishi black bricks driven by the FT221 and a MM xverter, I have two set ups the other is portable FT290, MM xverter and 2 black bricks to a single 23el Tonna. I shall be away in Ireland on the 6th Oct so no radio activity.

Regards & 73's


From Andy GD0TEP (22 September 2001)

It's gone very quiet on here this last couple of days...

So, news from here....

I've got my new tower installed, and a new receive line..!

Some how my length of Kansai 10D-FB coax has a dead short on

it.. i checked both plugs, and they're (were?) ok.. After

cutting them off, the coax itself has the short..

Anyway, cutting a long story short, I'm now using LDF450 for


GB3MHL is always in here, at 448k, I'm not to sure if this

is good, or just plain ok..

Anyone fancy a sked?

4x26 + 120w

73 de Andy

From Drew GM0BRJ (17 September 2001)

A quick update on the 23cms station. The 67 Ele Wimo yagi was successfully installed along with an SSB Electronics SP-23

Masthead preamp.

Now all that remains for 23cms is a bit more Power output!!

Almost completed the Oscar 40 antenna setup. I hope to have this installed by Sunday. It comprises as follows:

70CMS Uplink is TS2000 + 50 Watts o/p to 10 Ele Wimo X-Quad Aircomm + coaxial cable

13CMS Downlink FT726R + DB6NT 13cms-2m converter to 30 turn Wimo Helix (converter is mounted on Helix)

23CMS Uplink is TS2000 + 10 Watts o/p to 20 turn Wimo Helix Andrews LDF-450

Yaesu G5400 Azimuth and G550 Elevation rotators.

Height above ground will be 9M

I'll send you a picture once it's up in the air!




From Tony G6TTL (17 September 2001)

At the moment the situation is this.

Only QEV 2 & 70 - good beacons from GM, can hear GB3ANG most days on both

bands, 70 usually only just above the noise floor, but 2 quite good.

However only have had to contacts into GM since moving up here. And none

at all on 70.

Mast has arrived. 23cm kit on bench waiting to be tested.

Plan as follows. Mast goes up this weekend ( all gear down for a few


Pair of 17's plus 23 cm beam goes up by the end of the month. I may have

space for 2, but as yet don't know.

Am intending to be QRV for the IARU contest on both 70 and 23.

That will remain the case for most of October and November for the

cumulatives. Mid November the whole lot wil come down and the 6M beam

will go back for the winter season. Can't have too much top-hamper up

because of the winds. Had a 2M beam destroyed last autumn.

At present wery windy and the forecast is not good.

Give me a week and send me another e-mail, by then I might have a better


73 for now,

Tony, G6TTL.

From David GM4WLL (10 September 2001)

Attached is the contest report I sent to the magazines and to the VHF contest reflector. many thanks to everyone who worked me on Sunday - with 7 QSOs I was well chuffed! Dan GM6CMQ made 6 QSOs so I guess it was a pretty good evening!

Can I ask that EVERYONE who was QRV puts in an entry, even if it's just for one QSO (I have a certificate for winning a 23cm contest section with one QSO!!!). If there are plenty of GM entries it will reinforce the idea that there is 23cm activity in GM. Although three of the G-stations beamed North and called CQ others didn't and the way to change that for next time is to prove that there are plenty of us for them to work!


Having been working on the GM-23 web-site and e.mail list for a couple of months I was looking forward to seeing if there would be any effect on activity in the contest on Sunday.

I thought it was going to be an "off-day" when I reached the site (Lauder Common, IO85NR) and found the wind too high to erect the 35 foot mast. The station was thus 18W at the masthead into a 67 element yagi at 6m.

One minute after the contest started I heard G0HNW (IO93) calling on cw and before I could reply GM8BDX (IO85) started calling on ssb on the same frequency. I worked 'HNW and was then called on cw by G4BRK (IO91) and worked him before worked Alex 'BDX. Totally gob-smacked I went on to make 7 QSOs and heard a further two stations. I was also told of three other stations in the North of the country who were also worked, so I guess the web-site is working!

Stations worked were:

G4BRK (IO91 - 460km)

G0HNW (IO93 - 251km)

G6DER (IO93 - 257km)

GM8BDX (IO85 - 32km)

GM0FMW (IO85 - 28km)

GM6CMQ (IO86 - 52km)

MM1CXE (IO86 - 51km - on FM!!!)

I also heard G8OHM/P (IO83??) who gave me a QRZ? before beaming away so that I lost them and G0ODQ (IO91).

GD4GNH was heard and both GM3WYL (IO75) and GM0BRJ (IO76) were worked by Dan GM6CMQ.

So I make that 11 stations definitely QRV in the Northern half of the UK!

The GM-23 web-site can be found at

The GM-23 e.mail list is at

73 de David GM4WLL

From David GM4WLL (8 September 2001)

Here is the final (ish) list of stations I know to be QRV tonight. Good hunting!!

Incidentally, I can be contacted on 0771 982 8537 while out /P. It seems like cheating but it saves taking down a talk-back antenna in the dark!













MM1CXE IO86OE (FM only)

May be QRV:

G4BRK IO91DP (Depends on family QRM)

G6DER IO93GN (Depends on weather)


Time Callsign Frequency Locator


18.30 G4ALY 1296.200 IO70UL

19.00 GM0BRJ 1296.200 IO75XX

20.00 G3MEH 1296.265 IO91QS He calls cw 1st 2 minutes.

20.15 G3XDY 1296.250 JO02OB He calls cw 1st minute

20.45 MM1CXE 1297.500 IO86OE FM

From Tony GM3WYL (29 August 2001)

just found out about this site. I am qrv on 23cms ,all modes,with 10 watts to a 35 ele yagi at 30 feet up. Also have a 30 watt amp to which I am re-fitting new coax relays when they arrive from Germany. Qth here is Lenzie next to the town of Kirkintilloch , locator IO75WW. Also qrv on 2metres and 70 cms all modes and planing to come on 13cms soon. Have 13cms receive for AO40 at the present time.

Currently have local sked on 1296.500 FM with Drew GM0BRJ in evenings or weekends using horizontal polarisation and also monitor 1296.200 at other times.

Look forward to working some of you sometime.

E-mail at work is [email protected] and home is [email protected]


Tony Ritchie GM3WYL

From Drew GM0BRJ (28 August 2001)

Name here is Drew and the QTH is in Kilsyth about 20 km North East from Glasgow.

Just to let you know I am now QRV on 23cms with a Kenwood TS-2000, 10 Watts and the Antenna is a 23 element Log Periodic at 50'

Have just ordered a 67 ele SHF Yagi from Wimo so should have better sigs soon.

Hope to hear you on the band.

Thanks for the fine 23cms web site.

From Hakan SM6CEN (27 August 2001)

I have checked your Scottish 23cm WEBsite and as I am SM Beacon coordinator I enclose the list of beacons in SM that are QRV. Please notie that the beacon listed in your list on.925 has moved to .800.

New beacon at the Swedish west coast is SM6UHI on .805 in JO57TX. (was earlier in JO66, but after renovation moved to this QTH).

You will find "rather" good activity from time to time in the Gothenburgian area on 23 cms.

Most active are SM6EAN (JO57), SM6MUY (JO57), SM6PGP (JO67) and myself (JO57). Also you will find SM6FHZ/SK6YH (JO57) on from time to time. In the neighbourhood we also have SM6CKU, SM6KJX (JO67), SM6HYG (JO58) and of course SM6ESG (JO67).

CU on 1296 during the autumn if bands opens up.


Hakan SM6CEN

(Also QRV on 432 during contests!)

1296.800 SK6MHI Hönö JO57TQ 40 30 H Alford slot Omni 30

1296.805 SK6UHI Tjörn JO57TX 120 20 H Alford slot Omni 30

1296.810 SK7MHF Nässjö JO77IP 505 175 H Alford slot Omni 30

1296.835 SK0UHG Vällingby JO89WI 55 25 H Omni 10

1296.855 SK3UHG Nordingrå JP92FW 200 10 H Omni 10

1296.905 SK4UHI Garphyttan JO79LH 270 10 H Omni 10

1296.940 SK7MHH Färjestaden JO86GP 45 15 H Alford slot Omni 10

1296.970 SK7MHL Lund JO65OR 100 20 H Alford slot Omni 15

From Neil GM0PWS (26 August 2001)

Just for your information I have recently become active on 23cm. My location is 'Back" on the Isle of Lewis, IO68UG. The QTH is about 5 miles north of Stornoway with a good clear sea path to the South/South East. The equipment is a DB6NT transverter ,IF being provided from an Icom 706. The output drives a Home Constructed 18 Watt Amplifier(from GH Enginering) and is fed to a 19 element about 30 feet off the ground. Also QRV on 23/24cms ATV, but only 2 watts available from a home built amplifier.

As yet I've only had a local contact with Jon, GM3JIJ on 23cms phone, but none at all on ATV( to be expected).

I'm currently also QRV on 2 meters with 200 watts into a 13 element Yagi, the HF bands, 6 and 4 meters.

Things are pretty quiet on 23 so any contacts would be really appreciated. I know that the antenna is not quite up to the task , but plans for a couple of decent beams to be errected for next year are on the cards.

Neil Doherty GM0PWS

From David GM4WLL (24 August 2001)

I have added a 23cm contest calendar to the site. Go to

73 de David GM4WLL

From Tommy GM1GEQ (17 August 2001)

Hi David, It,s amazing what Bands I can operate on. As for 23 cms, am using a YAESU

736R, with the 23 cms module inside. Ariel is a multi-element beam pointing north.

Unfortunately, it currently resides in the attic, but I am going to mount it outside in the very

near future.

As to other people on the band that I,am aware of, Here are a few, Dan GM6CMQ who is near

crossford and mostly operates on satellite. Dave JJJ I think is still QRV. Peter Dick 4 DTH is just

moved to new QTH, but am assured will be sorted soon. Norrie 1CNH who has also just moved

but as we speak is re-locating his stuff.

That,s all I know of just now. Of course you know of the two Brians

Great to hear from you, thats an excellent site you,ve got, fine on the mobile at Lauder.

Keep up the good work. 73,s Tommy.

From Allan GM4ZUK (17 August 2001)

Nice to see the 23cm website. I have not been able to get on 23cm or any other band for ages now, although I should be on for the 2m Trophy contest next month.

Virtually my only ham activity in the last year has been looking after GB3ANG on 4,2,70 and 23. I have vague plans to add 13, 9 and 3cm beacons in the future although this is subject to site landlord permission

I am planning a trip to the big German VHF/UHF/SHF convention at Weinheim next month too.

My email address is now [email protected] although the old cableinet address still works - maybe you can change that on the site.




From Bob G1ZJP (12 August 2001)

Keith G4ODA is on holiday in Yell (Shetland) and is is equipped with 4,6,2,70 & 23Cms. If conditions permit I reckon he will be on.

Locator IP90LL

From Brian GM4DIJ (12 August 2001)

The Lothians Net next Wednesday (15th) is on 23cm SSB starting at 8pm. The frequency is 1296.210, with talk back on 434.725 FM.

73 Brian GM4DIJ

From David GM4WLL (12 August 2001)

Today's effort in the microwave activity contest was fairly good. Neil G4BRK came back to a CQ call for an easy ssb QSO at just over 450kms. Eddie G0EHV in Gateshead and Terry G1LPS in Spennymoor were also worked at around the 120kms mark. The encouraging thing is that all 3 came about because of the it works!

Unfortunately I heard nothing from Geoff GI0GDP, but Geoff did say his take-off to GM isn't brilliant and the take-off to the West from Lauder Common is pretty poor as well.

Terry had just moved to a new QTH and had worked 6 23cm stations in his first wee there...on TV! There seems to be a strong group of 24cm ATV enthusiasts in the North-east.

I was recently talking to Danny GM6CMQ about the potential for 24cm ATV in the Fife/Lothians area. Basic cost (if you already have an amp and a yagi) seems to be about £100 for G1MFG rx kits and an old cctv camera. Anyone else interested?

Some other news on 23cm activity: I spoke to Alex GM6VIU (Edinburgh) recently. Alex used to be QRV on 23 but moved QTH. He's considering putting a /P set-up together with the gear he has.

I worked Steve G4AEQ in Lincoln on 4m. Unfortunately he doesn't have room for all his VHF/UHF antennas at once and had taken down the 23cm system to make way for 4m. He'll be back on for the contests later in the year.

Andy MM1CXE expects to be QRV with 10w to a yagi very soon (probably with the new Icom IC910) Andy has an excellent take-off from St. Monans in Fife and is already very active on 70cms (and pretty much every other VHF band!)

I spent yonks trying to talk to G3MEH on 4m, having worked him on cw. I wanted to try on 23cm with him but the conditions were simply not good enough on 4m for him to understand what I was on about!

73 de David GM4WLL

From David GM4WLL (5 August 2001)

I will be QRV in the Microwave Contest (see G3PHO, below) on 23cms using 20W to a 67 ele yagi at 35 feet. QTH will be Lauder Common (IO85NR).

As this coincides with the 70MHz Trophy I won't be constantly active. I will call CQ each hour on the hour for 5 minutes on 1296.205, starting beaming North and then working my way round the compass rose.

Alternatively, anyone wanting a QSO could give me a call on 4m or give me a ring on the mobile: 0771 982 8537.

73 de David GM4WLL

From Peter G3PHO (5 August 2001)

Hello again...

Only two weeks after the 10GHz cumulative we now have the All Bands Microwave Contest on Sunday, 12th August. Once again we ask for your support.

The June All Bands Contest had good support on most bands but very few sent in logs. Can we have good

activity and a higher percentage of logs entered this time please?

The results of the June contest are now posted on my webpages at: Just go to Contest Results in the menu page.

I will be posting the usual proposed activity bulletins during the coming week. I'll start off with a couple of entries:

G3PHO/P: Either IO93EH (Houndkirk Moor) or IO93AD (Merryton Low


The latter preferably as it's better for 24GHz but if anyone

else wants to use Merryton then I'll go to Houndkirk Moor.

1296MHz 15 watts/23 ele Tonna

Talkback: 144.175MHz ssb

GU0FDZ/P: IN89RL Guernsey. Chris is still there if you havent yet worked him!

0900 BST until dark (earlier if activity dries up)

All bands 1.2 - 24 GHz available at any time


Peter, G3PHO

From David GM6BIG (3 August 2001)

I run a personal 23cm beacon 0n 1298.004Mhz, at approx. 100mW. It is located near Salsburg (near Shotts) in central Scotland just of the M8. The NGR of the beacon is NS 828 647 and its call is "GM6BIG". Its the same location as Mark GM4ISM's 10Ghz beacon.

The beacon had run there since 1992, then the storms we all suffered on boxing day a few years ago destroyed the antenna. It has been off until 6 months ago, however the temp antenna was, er, just a bit of wire!! A replacement single Alford slot has now been fitted.

I will check and set the freq and power more accurately soon. The test equipment I was going to use last night turned out to be 47 Hz in error, at 10Mhz. Now on the repair shelf!

The keying on the beacon sounds a bit odd (it has portamento!), but it works.

Reception reports/suggestions please!

73 de David GM6BIG

PS Should have included locator is IO85BU

From David GM4WLL (31 July 2001)

Let me tell you a story...

About 4 years ago 4 metres was on it's last legs. Lots of people had gear gathering dust on shelves, but no-one bothered to go on the air. Why? Because there was no-one else on the air....!

Today, the position has changed. It's far from busy, but you can get the odd QSO on 4m. What made the difference? I reckon there were 5 things:

1. Derek G3NKS produced the 4 metre newsletter.

2. Alan GM4ZUK and Stuart GM4AFF put together the 4m web-site.

3. Yaesu brought out the FT847 with 4 metres as standard.

4. A few people made a real effort to be QRV and to make sure others knew in advance.

5. Those same people made sure the VHF columns in Rad Com and PW were told of almost every QSO they made on the band, to encourage others.

Now substitute the following:

1. This list (GM-23)

2. The 23cm pages on my web-site

3. FT2000, IC910, FT736 etc

4. Us.....

5. Also us.....

Bear in mind 23cm has a couple of head-starts over 4m:

- activity outside the UK.

- a decent amount of antenna gain in a tiny space.

So, here's my suggestion...

i) We all make an effort to be QRV regularly and use the list to tell the others in advance (given enough notice I'll send hard copy to the GM 23cm stations who aren't on the list or on e.mail)

ii) We all take the time to tell Rad Com and PW VHF columnists about our activity and the QSOs we make. (Eddie 'EHV's 2 QSOs on Sunday would be a good start.)

I'd be surprised if there is a sudden miraculous increase in activity, but just a little bit more activity would be nice. If we make enough noise to get the Southern and Continental stations to look this way from time to time that would be an added bonus!

73 de David GM4WLL

From Neil G4BRK (30 July 2001)

Monday night is microwave activity night - calling for QSO's on 144.175 and moving to whatever microwave bands.

Although this started as a 3cm thing, there is nowadays activity from 23cm to 3cm. 8pm is a good time to look. Activity varies considerably - sometimes only 3 or 4 stations, sometimes 10 or more - mostly in the south but also Yorkshire (G0HNW (ex G8AGU), G3LRP). I am sure some GM activity would be most welcome!

73, Neil G4BRK in IO91DP,

QRV 144->10368MHz

From Andy G4THI (30 July 2001)


could you add me to the group.

Cheers Andy G4THI


FT736R + 100W + 35 ele tonna

From Paul GW8IZR (28 July 2001)

I'm hoping that the 23 cm station will be re commissioned on Anglesey by the end of September.

I'm Looking forward to some activity, but at weekends only.

2-300W and a 2m dish + clear take off to the north so with luck I'll see you on .200



From Alex UR4LL (28 July 2001)

I have for sale new (NOS) Russian metalceramic final tubes:


GS35b [email protected] MHz (close to 8877) -$100

GS9b > 100 W on 13cm ( K9EK cavity design)- $30. Ed builds finals with GS9b.

GI7b 350-300 W on HF-23 cm - $30


GU84b [email protected] MHz ( WA6PY designed 2kW 2m final) -$130,sockets are available

GS15b 280 W on 23 cm in WA9OUU cavity design -$25

GU43b 1600 W up to 100 MHz - $75

GS23b 1.5 kW on 70 cm in N7ART and KD5FZX finals ( similar to YL1050) $160


REW-15 coaxial [email protected] MHz relay - $20, connectors for them $1 each

Cheap HV ( 6-10-20 kV) RF disc ceramic and doorknob capacitors (500,1500,2200 pF).

Zenner diodes D815A 5.6 V @1450 mA -$0.25 per each.

D815B 6.8 V @1150 mA -$0.25 per each

All parts are new and never were in use.

All prices are with included postages.

Delivery period abt 2 weeks.

More detail about these tubes,relays and finals with them you can find at:

73. Alex,UR4LL. <[email protected]>

From David GM4WLL & Iain GM0ONN (28 July 2001)

Does anyone know anything about reflected signals? I can hear GB3EDN and GB3ANG on the correct bearings, but both are a lot stronger on 135 deg. (they're both to the North of me). There's no obvious reflector in that direction apart from a hill.

I remember Nick GM4OGI saying he could work GM0UHC if they both beamed at the Forth Bridge!

What are the physical rules that govern this sort of phenomenon? Anyone know?

73 de David GM4WLL


Going back a few years now, but I used to regularly carry out 70 cm contacts reflecting off aircraft down to yorkshire. G8AGU was one I used to work. With aircraft flying in the direct path it is not too difficult. I have seen this also on 23cm, working GM3JFG with us living near x 2 RAF bases. You can also regularly hear the rapid signal flutter caused by helicopter blades!!!!! We just looked out the window to confirm this....... Mark

GM4ISM has done some 3cm work / skeds off of a large mast!!!

If you have ever been to Ullapool, there is a transmitter site just out of the town. it is near the road and mains supply but the dish points inland to a large reflector. this is aimed at the inner / outer isles! Even the proffesionals are at it.

Hope this gives a few answers... regards Iain GM0ONN

PS. Is it granite rock??? The great glen Inverness to Fort Bill, is a great funnel for RF too.


Thanks, Iain. I took a look at G4JNT's topographic plotting program. Lo and behold, about 12km to the South-east of me is a solid wall of rock running South-west to North-east, so the culprit is found! Unfortunately I can't take the file from the G4JNT program but, to show what I'm talking about I've traced the map.(Sketch-map ) I doubt if it's granite but it will be igneous, possibly basalt, so it probably has similar properties.

What's your path to the South like, Iain? Is it worth trying a sked using my new-found reflector?

Your comment on the great glen is interesting - you can see on the sketch-map I have a glen running South-west towards GI, so I guess that's worth investigating as well.

Incidentally, while I was looking into this I suddenly remembered a few years ago I found I could access the Angus Glens 2m repeater (?on the same site as GB3ANG?) by beaming due South-east...

73 de David GM4WLL

From David GM4WLL & Eddie G0EHV (28 July 2001)

FYI, I have a sked with Eddie G0EHV at 2100 local time on Monday 30 July on 1296.200.

If anyone else is around they would, of course, be welcome to join in. See attached.


OK I'll call first.

I'll also listen on 144.300 as well.

I'll also try other beam headings afterwards if anyone else is about.




From David GM4WLL (22 July 2001)

Thanks to everyone who has provided information and advice for the website. Hopefully it will have the desired effect of making activity grow. Certainly it has brought to light a number of amateurs I hadn't realised were QRV on 23cm. I guess the next stage is the question "what is the best way to use this information to move activity forward?" Any suggestions?

I have now added an e.mail discussion group called GM-23. To join go to:

My hope is that it will be used to report activity, seek skeds, request advice/information etc.

73 de David GM4WLL

From Andy MM1CXE (22 July 2001)

Hi David, I hope to be QRV on 23cm with in the next month OR So, I will let you know once I am all setup and ready to go.

I will have 10w into a single yagi to start with.


Andy - MM1CXE

From Dave GM6BIG (22 July 2001)

Hi David

The NGR of the beacon is NS 828 647 and is "GM6BIG". Its the same location as Mark GM4ISM's 10Ghz beacon.

The beacon had run there since 1992, then the storms we all suffered on boxing day a few years ago destroyed the antenna. It has been off until 6 months ago, however the antenna is, er, just a bit of wire!! A replacement Alford slot is under construction.

The keying on the beacon sounds a bit odd, (it has portamento!), but it works!

If anyone has a suitable site for other beacons for any microwave freqy let me know and I will help as much as I can.

73 David

From Dave GM6BIG (20 July 2001)

Hi David,

Please add me to your list of 23cm operators. I am located in IO85, near Lanark.

Use my [email protected] address for your website please.

My transverter is broken just now, but under repair. 500w PA also under construction.

I run a personnal beacon at work (Black Hill, near Salsburgh, Shotts) on 1298.004.

I will pass u the NGR/Locator of the beacon when I find it....

The antenna was recently damaged, under repair. A temp antenna is in use, polarisation is anyones guess!

73 Dave Anderson GM6BIG

From Bob G1ZJP (20 July 2001)

Hi David

Very well done on the web pages, it's a very good start.

Will almost certainly NOT be on from JO03 with the lads this year due to F&M however we probably will be on from IO92WS on 23 & 13 and maybe 10G (maybe a little early for that tho. - still under development.).

Very 73


From Geoff GI0GDP (18 July 2001)


Thanks for info, will send station set up etc later. I am QRV 23 cm and look forward to some activity like the mid 80s


Geoff Pike GI0GDP

From John G3XDY (17 July 2001)

Hi David

Great to see you encouraging 23cm activity up North - it deserves to be a popular web resource, I will include a mention of it in my next Scatterpoint article for the UK Microwave Group.

A couple of calls you may want to check up on and then add to the database: I believe G0FNP is still active from IO94PF, although our last QSO was back about 5 years since. Gordon G8PNN used to be active from IO95 but I have not heard him in some time. GM0FRG/P have been active from IO75 with a big system in the past 2 VHF NFDs.

For your antenna page you might like to add in a page I found recently about Alford slot beacon antennas by SM6PGP:

I hope we get some decent tropo again soon and look forward to a QSO.


John G3XDY

From Stefan LA0BY (17 July 2001)

Hi Dave,

This is a comment to your scottish 23cm site. You have left out the for Scotland most important LA-beacon:

1296,890 MHz, LA4SHF, QTH Jæren, locator JO28UO, RF power 5 W, antenna collinear, QTF 180, ERP 40 W

Full details on all LA-beacons can be found at

73, Stefan (LA0BY)

From Anders SM7ECM (17 July 2001)

Hi David

I have visited your WEB-page with 23 cm beacons.

I would like to inform you that there is one beacon missing. The data is as follows:

1296.970 SK7MHL Lund JO65OR 100 Alford Slot Omni 15W ERP

The beacon have been QRV since January-2001 and have been heard by G1HWY in IO90 with 559 at a distance of 1043 km.

The SK7MHL-beacon is QRV on 6 bands (432.970, 1296.970, 2320.970, 5760.970, 10368.970, 24192.970). The 432 MHz and 2320 MHz beacons have also been heard in G-land. Nothing reported from GM so far.



From Steve G4AEQ (17 July 2001)

Hi David,

Long time no QSO (my fault probably). Yes I am still QRV on 23cm and I have the antenna up at present. My contact info is correct on your list although I am temporarily away in W6 until the end of this week.

Hopefully I will catch you in the October UHF contest - F&M restrictions permitting.

Vy 73 de Steve G4AEQ

From Neil G4BRK (16 July 2001)

Hi David,

Thanks for the Scottish 23cm web site info. I should make some use of it - I have still yet to work GM on 23, despite a superb takeoff to the north (I can hear GB3ANG on 70cm all the time, sometimes on 23cm).

73, Neil G4BRK

From Iain GM0ONN (16 July 2001)

Top idea david. 11 out of 10..... I am working on my website at the moment which will reveal all. QRV on HF, 6m, 2m, 70cm, 23cm, 13cm and 3cm.

23cm, Have 230w 43 Ele useable at height but 1.8m dish at ground level. I am in the Ayr area 11 Aug for a week. Will take some kit with me, probably 3cm...... I'm off to check out the site,

73 Iain.

From David GM4WLL (16 July 2001)

I plan to be QRV for contests, activity periods etc very soon. Just replaced the LO in my Down East Microwave transverter from 96MHz to 192MHz, to kill some horrible harmonics.

I tried a test with Dan GM6CMQ in Dunfermline a couple of days ago. All was fine except for severely rough audio - almost unintelligible/tone-A. I'm presently working on the cause - either low voltage in the supply or RF feedback (or both!).

The /P station includes 20W at the masthead and a 67 ele yagi. I usually operate from Lauder Common in the Borders or the Pentlands, just South of Edinburgh (handy for home when there's an opening to Europe). 73 de David GM4WLL

From Barry G1JDP (16 July 2001)

Thank you for the e-mail on the info, but due to another interest which has now but not taken over radio I sold the rig with 23cms to buy myself a wood turning lathe and metal lathe. I did not have much success with 23cms with contacts and not that interested in the tv side. I wish you both best wishes with your web site and will watch to see how it grows.

73 to you and the family Barry Overton G1JDP

From Andy GD0TEP (14 July 2001)

Hi David,

Robert's (GD4GNH) full grid square is IO74QD.

I'm QRV with FT-736r, 120w, 2x28 eagle @ 70ft, MKU 132A preamp.

A bent tower (since February) and a blown pre-amp has meant I haven't been on 23cm as often as I would have liked this year. But, I'm glad to say that ARIS has paid out and a new P60 tower arrived here this afternoon.

Perhaps, along with email address, an equipment list? (just a thought)

73 de Andy GD0TEP