The 23cm activity group

for the Northern U.K.

23cm Antenna Designs

The only responsibilty I can claim for the designs that follow is for finding them on the web!

Many clever antenna designers have worked on designs for 1296MHz. For me, one of the interesting things about this band is the variety of weird and wonderful designs which can work on this band, compared to the ubiquitous yagi for VHF bands and the dish on the higher microwave bands.

These designs are drawn from a wide variety of web-sites. Take your own decisions on which you consider practical or accurate. I'd be glad to add opinion, thoughts or suggestions on any of these designs. ([email protected])

OH2AUE - experimental J-whip for 1296MHz

OH2AUE - 1296MHz dipole mat (Look here also, for dimensions)

W1GHZ - Coffee can feeds

W1GHZ - Alford Slot antennas

S51KQ Double Quad

G8CKN High-gain 24 element yagi

N3AOG Parabolic dishes and feeds

OE3MZC 13 element yagi

OE3MZC double quad

LA3UHG slotted waveguide antenna

SM6PGP Alford Slot

IK2WRU Folded Dipole

DL5NEG Wire-built Double Quad

WA5VJB Low Cost Yagi