The 23cm activity group

for the Northern U.K.

23cm Contests

In the U.K. 23cm contests are managed by the RSGB VHF Contest Committee and the RSGB Microwave Committee.

The VHF Contest Committee run the big international contests and the major UK contests, as well as monthly evening activity contests. Full details are on the Committee web-site:

The Microwave Committe run their own conteste, usually longer, more relaxed and often in conjunction with other micowave bands. See the Contesting Guide in the November 2002 edition of Rad Com for details.


Whilst you are on the VHFCC web-site take a look at the contest rules, which have been changed for 2003. Whilst previously the committee turned a blind eye to sked-making, they have now fallen in line with the rest of Europe. We may use other bands, mobile phones, e.mail etc to legitimately make skeds in advance of a contest. This has a profound effect on 23cm, where smaller portable stations need a certain level of guaranteed activity to make it worthwhile setting up. I am sure this move will enhance 23cm activity in the U.K.