Page last updated: 19/03/2016

Microcontroller pages


    Raspberry Pi



    Clocked Serial I/O 16 opto isolated inputs



    Clocked Serial I/O 16 relay driver



    Clocked Serial I/O 16 LED bar-graph display



    Four Slot ISA Backplane

Ideal for making use of those ISA cards left in the junk box, maybe one of my future projects will be an ISA style PIC card...


    Simple Repeater Controller

A basic repeater controller based around a Microchip PIC16F84...


    Sophisticated Repeater Controller (work in progress)

A more sophisticated repeater controller based around a Raspberry Pi, with additional functionality when connected to the internet - Echolink, Voice mail, Propagation monitor, Meteorological reporting, etc...


    Beacon Controller

A beacon controller based around a Microchip 12F509, ideal for hidden transmitter / fox hunts...


    IAMBIC keyer

Iambic keyer based around a Microchip 12F509...