When I was first licenced, my very dear departed mentor G8KL, gave me one of the best pieces of advice that one could have. He said"Remember that the most important equipment you have in amateur radio is not the equipment in the shack, but the wire outside"

This is one area of the Hobby which I have always taken a great interest in, especially as I do not have a great amount of space. So I have had to comprimise on antenna types to fit the allowed space.Since I got hooked up to the Internet, I have discovered a number of sites which contain a great wealth of information and I would like to share these with you.

Top of the list is W4RNL, this is the first stop for anyone wishing to learn in depth, How to get maximum performance from an antenna. LB's approach is down to earth and easy to understand.

Next is Frank G3YCC, lots of good ideas, especially on the W3EDP and a first rate HF mobile antenna.

I would like to add that Frank worked tirelessly for the G QRP CLUB encouraging members to build equipment, as well as being an excellent cw operator.

You may also like to checkout WE6W Antenna Link Page

The following are some of the Antenna's which I have built over the years

Ground Plane
Delta Loop
Inverted Vee
50Mhz 6 Element Yagi
7Mhz Vertical
50 Mhz Long Wire Antenna by CO2KK
50 Mhz Wideband Dipole - - G0IER
G3BGR Magnetic Loop
Roofspace Antenna's
How to Make Open Wire Feeders
160 metre "L" by NS8O
Coaxial Cable Specifications by NA5N
Shortened 40 metre Antenna by GM4JMU
How to Make Effective HF Mobile Antennas by WB2VUO



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