It is important to erect the antenna as high as possible,certainly above surrounding roof levels. The wire used for the antenna should be strong to survive the winds and support the weight of the feeder and coax balun.

Ensure that you make any open ends of coax waterproof, I use silicon sealant compound and self-amalgent tape.

.Here are the following lengths which will give you guide lines to construct the antenna for the main HF Bands, (Please remember that you may have to adjust these dimmensions to suit your local situation)

1.8Mhz 260ft
3.5Mhz 133ft 7in
7Mhz 66ft 9in
10.1Mhz 46ft 3in
14Mhz 33ft 5in
21Mhz 22ft 3in
28Mhz 16ft 8in

The simple dipole is perhaps the best antenna for consistent performance, my results have always been excellent and I can usually manage to contact the DX station with relative ease

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