Haiti  28.Jan. - 16.Feb. 2004 (basic pictures made by DM2AYO and DK1BT)
From the airport Puerto Plata to the Dominican border
airport in front of the airport of Puerto Plata in the DR  on street our guide Arnim frm HISPANIOLA travel agency landscape landscape in the north of DR
DL7CM DL7UFN DK1BT from left to right: DL7CM DL7UFN DK1BT QRX Dajabon typical house in the border town Dajabon Masacre hotel Massacre in Dajabon
line chaos a genius controls the chaos border1 border builing on Dominican site border2 behind first barrier is a bridge over river Massacre. The yellow door is the Haitian border
From the Haitian bordersite to the hotel in Cap Haitien
border H. customers place in Quanaminthe street1 north-east route (only for ralley drivers) childreen1 playing childreen 35C
Fort Liberte Fort Liberte - a bigger town on the way to west Baptist mission Baptist mission school school lesson
childreen2 school boy childreen3 school girls childreen4 school girl Clementine
washers river laundry street2 street?? transportation haitian kind of transportation
street3 everybody try to sale anything to everybody houses1 houses2
Stay in Cap Haitien
baggage a part of our baggage, in front the antennas hotel1 2nd floor of the building bedroom inside
necessaries necessaries you need on each dxpedition beam1 beam was installed at a palm tree on a 9m tower beam 6m 6m beam looking to the south
HF9V HF9V on the second position near "Radio Cap Haitien" house port view over Cap Haitien to the port sun rise gray line is over
breakfast breakfast hotel2 view hotel Mont Joli hotel3 Hotel Mont Joli pool site
tuner tuner mounted of not running aircondition logbook worked with UCXLog and propagation forcast power power supply for IC706 and 500W-MOSFET-PA
Cap Haitien 1 view Cap Haitien Cap Haitien 2 view Cap Haitien Cap Haitien 3 view Cap Haitien
Sanssouci and Citadelle
Christopher King Henri Christophe entrance entrance of Sanssouci castle Sanssouci the ruins of Sanssouci castle
start ride by horses to the top of the hill destination La Citadelle Laferriere (1000mtrs high) Citadelle 1 view Citadelle
Citadelle 2 view Citadelle Citadelle 3 view Citadelle Citadelle 4 view Citadelle
Hotel Cormier Plage
way out of Cap Haitien 6km far away - 1 hour running time view Cap Haitien now top of the mountain - view Cap Haitien view Cormier Plage view Cormier Plage
hall hall oh the hotel beach beach of Cormier Plage team team resting
Aristide ex president Jean-Bertrand Aristide A+Clinton Aristide and Clinton Baby Doc Baby Doc before Aristide
philippe Philippe the ringleader of the revolt looters looters in the port rebel rebel