Details 2-El.-2m 3-El.-2m 4-El.-2m 5-El.-2m 6-El.-2m
7-El.-2m 7-El.-70cm 9-El.-70cm 10-El.-70cm 12-El.-70cm 14-El.-70cm
Stacked 5-El-2m 25-Ohm new 7-El.-2m  25+ 28-Ohm  new 8-El.-2m  28-Ohm   10-El.-70cm  28-Ohm

The 7-Element-50Ohm-2m-Yagi, Boom 300cm

Gain 10,5dBd, F/B 30dB

3dB-angles:  40,2 hor,  45,6 ver

For vertical stacking distance 2,85 m

The 7-Element-Yagi 

built by 

Ondra, OK1CDJ

Link to his Homepage:



Pictures of Ron, VK4KDD

  Position Lengths 6mm Lengths 4mm Lengths 3,2mm
Reflector 0mm 1024mm 1027mm 1026mm 
Radiator 320mm 982mm 994mm 993mm (4mm)
Director 1 460mm 952mm 960mm 964mm 
Director 2 935mm 932mm 941mm 946mm 
Director 3 1630mm 918mm 926mm 931mm 
Director 4 2385mm 923mm 931mm 937mm 
Director 5 2985mm 894mm 904mm 910mm