Details 2-El.-2m 3-El.-2m 4-El.-2m 5-El.-2m 6-El.-2m
7-El.-2m 7-El.-70cm 9-El.-70cm 10-El.-70cm 12-El.-70cm 14-El.-70cm
Stacked 5-El-2m 25-Ohm new 7-El.-2m  25+28-Ohm  new 8-El.-2m  28-Ohm new 10-El.-70cm  28-Ohm new

With the boomlength of 1m two different Yagis were realized: A 50-Ohm-Yagi with a PVC-Boom and a 28-Ohm-Yagi with a 16x1mm aluminium-boom and the DK7ZB-Match. Both Yagis have high gain and not a good F/B, but for most portable purposes it should be no disadvantage.The 28-Ohm-Yagi see down!

The 4-Element-2m-50Ohm-Yagi, Boom 100cm

Gain 7dBd, F/B 12dB

Weight only 240g with 3,2mm-elements!

You can use the Yagi on 432MHz with gain  > 4dBd ! Plot see down



3dB-angles: 58,0 hor, 81,6 ver

Vertical stacking distance 2,00m

The 4-Element-Yagi built by

Ondra, OK1CDJ



Lengths (2,4mm) Lengths (3,2mm) Lengths (4mm) Lengths (6mm)
Reflector 0mm 1022mm 1022mm 1020mm 1016mm
Radiator 260mm 977mm (4mm) 977mm (4mm) 977mm (4mm) 980mm (6mm)
Director 1 470mm 941mm 935mm 930mm 924mm
Director 2 985mm 921mm 915mm 910mm 890mm

For stacking use a distance of 2m, below the plots for 4 over 4

The plot for 432MHz, in practise SWR <1,5 on 430-440 MHz! 

The 4-Element-2m-28Ohm-Yagi, Boom 100cm

Gain 7,5dBd, F/B 10dB

3dB-angles: 53,8 hor, 71,0 ver

Vertical stacking distance 2,1m

Boom 16x1mm-aluminium


      Position     Lengths (4mm) Lengths (3,2mm)
Reflector 0mm 1019mm 1020mm
Radiator (4mm) 190mm 988mm 989mm
Director 1 545mm 949mm 954mm
Director 2 980mm 944mm 949mm