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Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service

Chaves County, New Mexico


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Announcements -

HF Net

2 Meter Net

When: Second Saturday of each month at 1300 hours

Where: Daniels Leadership Hall on the New Mexico Military Institute campus. (Enter from the 100 block of W. 19th Street.)


ARES District Emergency Coordinator / RACES Radio Officer

Ø    Rich Brown, W5IAY

Ø     575-703-0204 (cell)

Ø    [email protected]


Guides and Frequency Plans

Ø     Chaves Skywarn Policy Guide

Ø     Chaves Skywarn Radio Frequencies

Ø        Chaves ARES/RACES Radio Frequencies

Ø     Lincoln Co. ARES/RACES Radio Frequencies 

Ø     New Mexico Repeaters


What We Are About

Ø     General Background






Ø    Other Groups With EMCOM Capability

Ø     New Mexico Emergency Management Association (NMEMA)

Some Past and Recent Activities

Ø    12 July 2003 Test Drill

Ø    6 September 2003 Emergency Services Fair

Ø    6 March 2004 Battery Power Drill

Ø    8 April 2004 Weather Net

Ø    31 July 2004 EOC Power Failure Test

Ø    20 November 2004 Frequency Agility Drill

Ø    26 January 2005 State-wide Simulated Emergency Test

Ø    30 April 2005 State-wide Simulated Emergency Test

Ø    31 May 2005 Certified Community Preparedness Kickoff

Ø    6 June 2005 Weather Net

Ø    29 August 2005 -- Hurricane Katrina

Ø    10 December 2005 State-wide Simulated Emergency Test

Ø     7 October 2006 – State-wide Simulated Emergency Test

Ø     23 March 2007 – Weather Net

Ø     26 June 2007 – Weather Net

Ø     25 Sept 2007 – Nine-county Tactical Interoperability Test

Ø     12 July 2008 – Weather Net

Ø        9 August 2008 Frequency Agility Drill

Ø        11 October 2008 "Three County" SET 

How You Can Join Our Group

Ø    If you already have a ham license (Technician License is just fine), then come to our next meeting.

Ø    If you are interested, but do not have a license, then come to our next meeting anyway and we will help you study for your license.  When you are ready (after a few weeks of easy study) we will arrange for the FCC required test.  It is really not all that difficult.  Links to the ARRL study guide for a Technician License are below.

Ø    Study Guide For Technician License  The answers are in the line just before the questions.



[email protected]

Last updated on October 9, 2009