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Real-time Communications Support for the Honolulu Marathon - December 14, 2014

Annually, the Honolulu Marathon is one of Hawaii's largest community sporting event, hosting over 20,000 participants and covering the distance from Aloha Tower at Honolulu Harbor east to Hawaii Kai, near the eastern tip of Oahu. Amateur radio operators have been a part of the event, supporting it with real-time radio communications for many years.

This web page details the arrangements prior to the event.

You are welcome to volunteer and sign up with Greg NH6ZS.

From the Coordinator, Greg NH6ZS

Aloha Everyone,

14 Sunday, December 2014 is this year's Honolulu Marathon; start time is 05:00am. On behalf of the Honolulu Marathon Association we are asking for volunteers to provide radio communications for the Start-Line, Aid Stations along the race course, the Finish-Line area support, Support Vans and other areas as needed. The communication coverage we provide begins around 04:00am and into the afternoon up until 3:00pm or so.

The following positions are needed:

  • NCS / Main Medical-Communications - 3
     Ralph Toyama NH6PY (if available)
  • Start Line / Technical Race Director's Radio Communicator - 2
     John Gwaltney-NH7LL (if available)
     Kurtis Mabe WH6KM (if available)
  • Time Clock Coordinator's Radio Communicator - 1
     Ray Moody AH6LT (if available)
  • Volunteer Staging Area - 1
  • Support Van Communicators - 7

Aid Station Communicators

 A/S 1: Iolani Palace / Boy Scouts-WH6DIN (if available)
 A/S 2: Hobron Ln / Allen Le Vie-KH7AL (if available)
 A/S 3: Kuhio Beach-HPD Station / OPEN
 A/S 4: Triangle Park / HDMAT / Bart Aronoff-KH7C (if available)
 A/S 5: Kahala Elementary / Steve Hall NH7ZD / Gloria Hall WH7BTE (if available)
 A/S 6: Wailupe Beach Park / OPEN
 A/S 7: Niu Valley / OPEN
 A/S 8: Hawaii Kai / Steve Levy NH7ZP / Carolyn Levy-WH6EAQ (if available)
 A/S 9: Maunalua Bay / Al Pascua NH7WK (if available) / Randy Kurishige-AH6Q (if available)
 A/S 10: Kealaolu Ave / OPEN
 A/S 11: Kahala Ave / OPEN
 A/S 12: Paki-Kalakaua Ave / OPEN
 A/S 13: Finish Line Water Station / OPEN

If you are interested in helping out, including those newly licensed Hams, please contact me for additional information and to sign-up. I will also need a T-shirt size info for that volunteer shirt that goes along with a Kokua Race Staff cap.

You can reach me by email: [email protected] / cell #: 808-673-5155
Mahalo and I hope to hear from you soon!
73 and Aloha! Greg / NH6ZS

Assignments as of November 16, 2014

NCS / Main Medical-Communications (3)

  • Ralph Toyama NH6PY

Start Line / Technical Race Director's Radio Communicator (2)

  • OPEN

Time Clock Coordinator's Radio Communicator (1)

  • Ray Moody AH6LT

Volunteer Staging Area (1)

Support Vans (7)

  • Trevor WH6EJL
  • Bernard KH6MOI

Medical Aid Stations and Finish Line

Aid Station Location Operators Comments
Aid Station #1 Iolani Palace (on South King Street) Boy Scouts - WH6DIN (if available)
Aid Station #2 Hobron Lane and Ala Moana Boulevard Allen Le Vie - KH7AL (if available)
Aid Station #3 Kuhio Beach (on Kalakaua Avenue by water aid station between Duke Kahanamoku Statue and Waikiki Police Station) Clem Jung - KH7HO / Rick Kimitsuka - KH6OM
Aid Station #4 Fort Ruger Triangle Park (at intersection of Diamond Head Road & Kahala Ave) Bart Aronoff - KH7C (if available)
Aid Station #5 Kahala Elementary School (at intersection of Kilauea Avenue & Pahoa Avenue)y Steve Hall NH7ZD / Gloria Hall WH7BTE (if available)
Aid Station #6 Wailupe Beach Park (on Kalanianaole Highway across of Wailupe Fire Station) James Freetage - W8FVG
Aid Station #7 Niu Valley Shopping Center (on Kalanianaole Highway by Halemaumau Street) OPEN
Aid Station #8 Pohoiki Place and Hawaii Kai Drive Steve Levy NH7ZP / Carolyn Levy-WH6EAQ
Aid Station #9 Maunalua Beach Park (on Kalanianaole Highway near Keahole Street) Al Pascua NH7WK / Randy Kurishige-AH6Q
Aid Station #10 on Kealaolu Avenue in the Kahala area OPEN
Aid Station #11 on Kahala Avenue in the Kahala area OPEN
Aid Station #12 Paki Avenue and Kalakaua Avenue OPEN
FINISH LINE Finish Line MASH Tent (at Kapiolani Park on Kalakaua Avenue) Fred Fortin – KH7CR / Betty Fortin – WH6GR
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