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Chilean Earthquake and Tsunami - February 26, 2010

Amateur radio operators throughout Hawaii responded to the tsunami caused by the earthquake off of Maule, Chile that occured on February 26, 2010.

Activities are chronicled here. It's not a question of "If", it's a question of "When".

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Amateur radio operators responded to the needs around the tsunami warning issued by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center following the magnitude 8.8 earthquake off of Maule, Chile.

ARES and RACES radio operators responded to EOCs at the State and county Civil Defense EOCs, the Red Cross EOCs and other locations. Check-in nets were held at the top of each hour starting from 7:00 am on the State-wide VHF repeater and 7088 kHz HF frequencies. State CD amateur radio operations in the EOC, KH6HPZ, started at 10:45 am.

See: ARRL article

You can see a video of the incoming tsunami: YouTube video

A reminder: Being prepared is a personal responsibility. Being aware of emergency response and recovery procedures before an incident is also a personal responsibility. See: Personal Preparation

The quake occurred with the usual coinciding of the full moon. The moon was 96% full; within two days of becoming a full moon. Chile was within sight of the moon, exerting tidal forces lifting on the crust of the Earth.

Moon phase during the Chilean quake, 96% Moon view of earth

Moon image courtesy of the BMDO/NASA's Clementine satellite, Earth image courtesy of the NASA Earth Observatory and computation courtesy of Fourmilab.

Spaceweather.com has an archived web page showing the condition of the sun that day. There were two sunspots, and only an B1 class solar flare.

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