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Applying for a P4- reciprocal is easy.  You need to apply for a license at least TWO MONTHS in advance. Just follow these steps:

bulletDownload the application form  and fax it to Direktie Telecommunicatie Zaken (DTZ) at +297-582-5307.  
bulletYou can follow up on the status of your license by fax (+297-582-5307), or phone (+297-582-6069
bulletNew address for DTZ: Caya Rumba 19, Camacuri.  Directions below*
bulletBusiness hours: 8 am-5 pm Monday- Friday.

FEES  **new**

There has been a price increase as per January 1, 2004 on all ham licenses for both local and visiting operators.  On May 1, 2005, parts of the licensing fees were lowered.

All license fees must be paid at a local bank.

bulletThe reciprocal license fee is AFL. 108 (about $61). (Previous rate: AFL.158 = US$90)
bulletAdditional contest P40-call (AFL50=$28).  Not available without reciprocal.
bulletIf you are bringing your own gear, you can expect a station inspection.  As per the new law, they now charge for inspections (AFL100 = US$56.)  When renting a contest station, this can be waved if the station owner had a recent inspection.

Note:  To date, Aruba is not a member of CITEL or CEPT, and thus there are no automatic reciprocals.  Also, third party traffic is not permitted.


The DTZ has been streamlining what prefixes are issued and they can be categorized as follows:

bulletP41's - special calls for residents (valid for max. 1 month)
bulletP43's - calls for Aruba Residents (renewable every year)
bulletP49's - calls for visitors that have passed the P4 exam (renewable every year)
bulletP40's - special contest calls (valid for max. 1 month)
bullet/P4 - portable P4 (valid for 1 year)

Note:  The license fee includes the government stamps, telecom tax, and the new handling fee (Jan, '04).  If you receive your invoice by mail or fax, pay your license fee at a local bank before arriving at the DTZ.  The DTZ does not accept any payments at the counter; only a local bank receipt is valid as proof of payment. 

DRIVING DIRECTIONS TO DTZ (new location in  2009)

From the airport: 

At the airport traffic circle, turn left.  It's about 1 km on your right (drive past Aruba Bank and Toyota) to the SIAD (tax dept) building, just before you reach the round-about.  Look for the yellow building in the back, as the DTZ has moved there in late 2009.


There is a Caribbean Mercantile Bank (CMB) at the arrival terminal (once you exit with your luggage, it's on the outside of the airport overlooking the taxi stand).  CMB is open from 8 am - 3.45 pm, but has an outside counter open until 4:45 pm weekdays, and until noon on Saturdays.

Or you can visit Aruba Bank in Camacuri from 8 am - 4 pm Mondays to Friday.  On Saturdays, they are open from 9:00 am - noon.  At the airport traffic circle turn left, and you will see the bank on your right hand side.

Make sure you have a copy of your invoice handy  when you reach the bank.


If you are looking for a rental QTH, take a look at:


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