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P43ARC, P41HQ, P40HQ:

59(9) AARC

Every year since 1997, the Aruba ARC, as a member of the IARU, has made an effort to activate the club call.   Calls used: P43ARC, P40HQ and P41HQ.  Often, the IARU contest is run as a Single Operator or Multi Single station.  However, every few years, the local contesters form a serious effort, and guest operators are invited.  Any member can request the usage of the club call for this contest.  Guest operators may be granted special permission to hand out the HQ multiplier on occasion (voted in a general meeting).

QSL IARU contest QSO's as follows:      

bulletP43ARC via P4- bureau, AARC, P.O.Box 2273, San Nicolas, Aruba
bulletP40HQ via I2MQP, Mario Ambrosi, Via delle Quelle 41,20090 Rodano (MI), Italy
bulletP41HQ via I2MQP, Mario Ambrosi, Via delle Quelle 41,20090 Rodano (MI), Italy


2014- P43ARC.  QSL via P43E

2012- Not on the air.

2011- Not on the air during IARU, but as a special event in Dec. 2011.  When the club was ready to print the cards in Jan 2012, P43JB became a SK and the special event was dedicated to Joop, P43JB (SK).  Joop chaired the P40HQ event the last couple of years, and was a member of most of the MM efforts.

2010- Not on the air.

2009- P40HQ has been put on the air by P43JB and friends. 

2008- P40HQ has been put on the air by P43JB and friends. 

2007- P43ARC by P43JB

2006- P40HQ has been put on the air by P43JB and PB2T.  QSL via PB2T.

2005- The idea is to introduce contesting to more local hams.  The format will be multi multi from several stations, and this format should give ample operating time to everyone.  cw and ssb.

2004-  A M/M effort:  QSL via I2MQP.

2004 group; operators and technical help: P43A, P43DJ, P43E, P43JB, P43L, P43P, P43RC, P43W, P49V/AI6V, K1LZ, N3KS, K6ND.

back row: P43JB, K1LZ, P43L, P43W, P49V/AI9V, P43A, P43E, P43DJ, K6ND
front row: P43RC, (P43W kids: Joshua, Maria Isabel,) N3KS, P43P

The winner of the t-shirt and the small sponsored gift by Acom to the first Single Op or M/S station to work P40HQ on 6 bands SSB, CW or mixed is: NO2R.   There were 9 stations that worked us on all 6 bands, unfortunately we have only one t-shirt to give out.  Thanks to everyone for working P40HQ.

2003 - P41HQ by Single-op: P43P.   

2002 - P41HQ (M/S)- QSL via I2MQP. 

The initial plan, was to have new hams run the IARU contest, by trying to beat the 1997 crew that were mostly newly licensed hams.  However, some work commitments and family engagements have cancelled a bigger operation.  KE9I, AJ9C, and N9LAH have shown an interest in working the club call, and thus 59(9) AARC will be given out by them for the 6th consecutive year, as a M/S effort. 

2001 - P41HQ  by Single-op: P43E, QSL via I2MQP.

2000 - P43ARC by Single-op:P43DJ, QSL via I2MQP.

1999 - P40HQ (M/M)- QSL via I2MQP

Hq99b.jpg (142033 bytes)
back: P40R, K6RC, P40V, P43T
middle: P40K, P43A, P40W, P43E, P43LMA
front: W6OAT, P43W, P43P, P43DJ, P43N

1998 - P40HQ

This was the first year we tried running the contest seriously.  With P40V (AI6V) as our mentor and cw operator, we formed a small but committed group to run the contest.  

  f_98-hq.jpg (117039 bytes)
back: P43LMA, P43T, P43W, P43E
front: P43P, and P49V

1998 ops: P43E, P43P, P43T, P43W, P40V.  Technician: P43LMA.

1997 - P43ARC.

In 1997, running of this contest was never planned in advance.  The club was having a lot of gatherings (BBQ, and dominoes games) over the May, June weekends.  This same group decided to enter the IARU contest as an afterthought.  We scrambled around for radios, filters, antennas and invited all other club members to come and operate.  End result: only 800+ contacts, but more importantly, it created a group synergy, and it introduced many young operators to contesting.  Many of the original group are still very active in contesting today.

1997 ops: P43A, P43AO, P43E, P43GM, P43HOT(now P43P),P43JB, P43RR, P43T, P43W, YV4DPS/P4.  Technician: P43LMA.

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