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bulletOctober 18 & 19, 2014- JOTA (Jamboree on the Air)  A scouting event.
bulletOpenhouse - September 26, 27, 2014
bulletIARU HF 2014 contest - July 2014
bulletField Day (June 2014)


Aruba is in the process of renewing the Amateur Radio Laws.  In the near future, the Dutch and American radio exams will be accepted in order to get a local license. 

Our club is preparing for this by offering the American exam.  There are 3 exam levels in the USA: Technician, General and Extra.  We have many members that are certified as Volunteer Examiners (VEs) by the ARRL (American Radio Relay League).  The cost to take the exam is $15.  When you succesfully complete one exam, you are allowed to continue with the next exam level free of charge.  However, to re-take the same level, you must pay $15 again. 

The American exams are straight forward and are available online. 

bulletKB6NU Ham Radio Blog You can also find the General and Extra exams here.  They are available free.

Make sure you study the current Technician guides for 2014-2018!!  Double check the dates.

On YouTube there are also many videos explaining the material.  Just search YouTube for "Ham Radio Exam Technician"

Make sure you test your understanding of the material by taking the exam online before the test date.  All the questions are available, and are public domain.  Technician Question Pools:

bulleteHam Practice Tests  (test your knowledge onlin)

Some apps are available free of charge for your phone and smart tablets are: Exam Prep, A+ Ham Tech, Comm Study, Ham Radio Tech, My Ham Ticket.  Search "Amateur radio exam." You must study on your own and you must start with Technician.  The club does not offer any classes, and you must study the material on your own. 

Tentative dates are:

bulletThursday, November 3 (location TBA, 7 pm)
bulletTuesday, Dec 2, 2014 (location TBA, 7 pm) 

On exam dates, please bring the $15 fee, a valid ID, and a pencil/pen.  You are allowed to bring a simple calculator, but programmable calculators and phones are not allowed.  If you are upgrading, please bring a copy of your CSCE.  Good luck on the exam.


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