We should all arrive on the 20th of October and have the antennas up by the 21st. Depart on the 4th of November. 


The intentions are to operate from 6m to 160m, depends by the conditions.

Every operator will have a PERSONAL A25 CALL.


3 STATION will be operative at same time.


!!! --- 6 METERS --- !!!

 We just might do this also if we can get
enough support from those wanting 6meters EME from A25... Anybody helps?



RADIOs FT-450 - K2/100 - K3 - FT-900 - IC-746
AMPLIFIERs 2 xSPE Expert 1K-FA, 1 xSPE Expert 2K-FA
ANTENNAs Tennadyne T8 LogP
  TET HB433DX beam
  75 foot Vertical
  Butternut HF6V Vertical

Butternut HF2V Vertical

Cushcraft R7

  IT9ZMX - HF2B -Vertical for 80 / 160 - 19.5m high http://www.arifidenza.it/forumom/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=94239

























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