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First of all we would like to welcome you to our new website. I wish you find this visit interesting and entertaining enough to bookmark our page and visit back often. This site was created in order to make more people interested to HAM radio and make them understand why we love it! This website will be updated and maintained by our club's Computer and Web Manager, who will try and update the website as more frequently as possible with latest news and events.

Our website has been designed in such a way as to provide useful information to international visitors but also to provide information to our past, current and future memebers.

During your visit you will get the chance to smile :), think (hmm), and be educated. Here you will discover the wonderful world of hamradio and what it is all about, but above all...

...What it's like to be an operator !

The English School Radio Club was created in 1969. It has been growing and growing ever since. Every year, adding new members (replacing school leavers). New members are taught about almost everything regarding Amateur Radio by the older members of the club. Thus, as the years go by, the knowledge increases and the club becomes bigger!

Contesting is always our favorite activity! Taking part in almost all Contests (using our special callsign P39P) and spending most of our time on the air, we try to make sure that the Radio Club will always be one of the biggest sources of awards to the school.

You Can Contact Us Through This Address: [email protected]

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