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The Club's Operators - Committee of 1998- 1999

Every year a committee is set up from the operators of the club, that is responsible for everything going on in the club,the lectures given out to the younger members if the club,the events organised bythe club,the committee is the clubs heart and lungs.
From the younger members of the club, some have the chance to become operators, get a key of the shack and be able to use the equipment of the club.To qualify for this, they must pass a theory examwhich is mainly based on electronics and the theory of tranceiving, and a practical exam,in which theyare examined on whether they have reached the level to be able to use correctly the different equipment of the club.

The 1998/99 committee behind the club's equipment.From left to right:
Mike Jacovides QSL Manager,George Markides Vice-Chairman,Yiannis Stylianou Treasurer,Takis Pashialis Secretary,Nicolas Lymbouris Chairman ,Christos Stavrou Award Manager and Christos Symeonides QSL Manager.(far right)





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