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DX Special Event Stations & Calls

- For updated Special Event activity, please visit my DX Calendar page. UPDATED DAILY!

The following ISWL club callsigns will be used throughout the month of August 2017:

GX4BJC/A - Operated from Lambourn, in Berkshire, by John, G0GWK (/A WAB Square
SU37 - England, IOTA EU-005, WLOTA 1841).

MX1SWL/A - Operated from Lydney, in Gloucestershire, by Chris, G0SDD (/A WAB Square
SO60 - England, IOTA EU-005, WLOTA 1841).

ALL QSLs will be handled by Herbie, G6XOU, and NOT the individual operator.
The I.S.W.L. is a member of the European PSK Club.
All QSL info is on or or via NO LoTW.
I.S.W.L. Awards are available to all Hams and SWLs, see for full details.
The cards ARE welcomed for their awards.

01-31 July 2017:
AM25FEDIEA - 25th Anniversary of FEDI-EA  contact is valid for the Radio Clubs of the World Award, EANET

01 July - 31 October 2017
  In 2017 15 different local clubs of, and the district of Niedersachsen (H) itself, are turning 70.
A club call from each of these clubs will be active with the special DOK 70OVH between July
1 and October 31 on 80, 40, and 2m. An award will also be available. QSLs will be sent
automagically via the bureau.

22 July - 06 August 2017:
  The following special event calls will be active in the RCWC Telegraph Marathon 2017
between July 22 and August 6:
R17CWC, RA17CW, RB17CW, RD17CW, RN17CW, RQ17CW, RV17CW, RX17CW, and RY17CW.
Several awards will be available online.

09 - 17 September 2017:
  The 4th International Air Ambulance Week (IAAW 2017) will take place on 9-17 September.
The event is primarily intended to help support and generate donations for flying medical
services a round the world. See for complete

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