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finally some sunspots! DXing
With VA3RJ
One of the most exciting segments of amateur radio operating is talking to someone in a different country of the world, or even a long distance VHF QSO. I get a great deal of enjoyment out of every DX contact I make, at this QTH, as I am apartment bound and only run low power to a mobile whip antenna mounted on my balcony railing.

Try QRP (low power) for more excitement and challenge. I have worked European amateurs with my set-up and only 5 watts output power! You do not need a kilowatt and beam antennas to work DX. Just a little patience and you will be able to break the big pile-ups and get the DX station you are chasing.

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4A5XX - XE1EE Celebrates 20 years in Ham Radio  24 Nov 2014 - 23 Nov 2015  On Air!
8J1RL - Syowa Station [NIPR] (JPN-03)  On Air!
9Q1EK - Democratic Republic of Congo  On Air!
AM890CNR - 90th IARU anniversary, Canary Islands  01-30 Apr 2015  On Air!
CE8VJG - Magallanes Province (CHL-13)  On Air!
DP1POL - Neumayer III Station (WAP DEU-08)  early Dec 2014 - late Feb 2015  On Air!
DU9/ON5SM - Mindanao Island, Philippines (OC-130)  16 Mar - 25 Apr 2015  On Air!
DX0P - Pagasa Island, Spratly Islands (AS-051)  17-20 Apr 2015  On Air!
E44Y - DXpedition to Sebastia, Palestine  March 2016
F/G6AY/P - Cezembre Island Expedition (EU-157)  26-28 Aug 2015
FP/NY4G - Miquelon Island (NA-032)  15-17 Jul 2015
FR/F5MNW - Reunion Island (AF-016)  QRT 14 Apr 2015
GS3PYE/P - Isle of Mull Expedition (EU-008)  15-21 May 2015
HB0/OO6P - Liechtenstein Mini-DXpedition  21-26 Jun 2015
JD1BLY - Chichi-jima, Ogasawara (AS-031)  29 Apr - 05 May 2015
K6VVA/KL7 - Crescent Island (NA-172)  revised: Jul 2015
K6VVA/KL7 - Endeavor [aka Endicott] Island (NA-004)  revised: Jul 2015
KC4AAC - Palmer Station, Anvers Island (USA-23)  On Air!
LU2ZD - Primavera Base [Army] (ARG-09)  2014-15 summer Antarctic campaign  On Air!
LU4ZS - Marambio Base, Seymour Island (AN-013)  2014-15 summer Antarctic campaign  On Air!
MM0KLR - Isle of Muck DXpedition (EU-008)  26 Apr - 02 May 2015
MT0IXD - Isle of Man DXpedition (EU-116)  08-11 May 2015
PY0F - Fernando de Noronha DXpedition  18-27 Oct 2015
PZ5LP - Nieuw Nickerie, Suriname  05 Mar - 05 Jun 2015  On Air!
R7AL/0 - Malminskiye Islands Expedition (AS-172)  for 3 days between 08-16 Aug 2015
RI1ANF - Bellingshausen Station (RUS-01)  On Air!
RI1ANP - Progress II Station (RUS-11)  On Air!
RI1ANR - Novolazarevskaya Base (RUS-09)  Nov 2014 - Mar 2015
RI1PC, RI1PK & RI1PT - RRC IOTA DXpedition (EU-160/188)  second half of July 2015
RT9K/0 - Dobrzhanskogo Island DXpedition (AS-203)  early September 2015
SX9PL - Polish DXpedition to Crete (EU-015)  18-24 Apr 2015  On Air!
TM5U - Brehat Island (EU-074)  10-15 May 2015
TX3X - Chesterfield Islands (OC-176)  01-12 Oct 2015
V6M - Micronesia 6M EME DXpedition  26 Aug - 03 Sep 2015
V6Z - DXpedition to Truk (Chuuk) Island (OC-011)  QRT 09 Apr 2015
VK0EK - Heard Island DXpedition (AN-003)  Nov / Dec 2015
VK9CK - Cocos (Keeling) Island (OC-003)  14-26 Mar 2016
VK9NT - Norfolk Island (OC-005)  24 Apr - 04 May 2015
VP5/VE3OC - Provo Island Vacation (NA-002)  QRT 16 Apr 2015
VP8DOI - Halley 6 Station (GBR-37)  Upcoming Antarctic Season  On Air!
VP8LP - Stanley, E. Falkland Island (GBR-25)  On Air!
VP8NO - Stanley, E. Falkland Island (GBR-25)  On Air!
VP8/SG & VP8/SS - South Georgia, South Sandwich Islands  Jan-Feb 2016
YB5M - Pasumpahan Island Expedition (OC-262)  14-17 May 2015
YE60AA - Asian-African Conference + Award  18-19 Apr 2015  On Air!
YJ0MT - Port-Vila, Efate Island (OC-035)  Postponed
YJ0XG - Port-Vila, Vanuatu (OC-035)  13-19 Apr 2015  On Air!
Youngsters On The Air Italy 2015  18-25 Jul 2015
ZL7E - Chatham Islands (OC-038)  QRT 15 Apr 2015

12th Antarctic Activity Week 2015
12th Edition - Antarctic Activity Week 2015

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WAP - Worldwide Antarctic Program  Awards, bulletins, information and much more
WAP Special Edition #22  News, Events, Dx-Bulletin, WADA/WACA Awards issued  new

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Antarctic Challenge by The French Polar Team
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Arctic Challenge by The French Polar Team
Arctic Challenge Updated Scores
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50 Years Scott Base 1957 - 2007
Antarctic Net 16:00z every Monday 21.275 Mhz by Dom DL5EBE
Antarctic DX Net 23:00z every Saturday and Sunday on 7.078MHz
by LU4DXU. Also check 14.160MHz, 14.188MHz
and 14203MHz from 16:00z and ahead.
China DX Net 13:00z every Saturday on 21.410 Mhz
FCG Net 22:00z every day on 21.365 Mhz by JA stations
Russian Antarctic Polar Net 15:00z every day on 14.160 Mhz by Vlad UA1BJ
South Pole Polar Net 00:00z every day on 14.243 Mhz by Larry K1IED

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