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VA3RJ's I.C.P.O. Calendar
(Islands, Castles & Portable Operations)
- Listing is by Calendar Date of operation (Day/Month/Year).

- For updated I.C.P.O. DX operations, please visit my DX Calendar page. UPDATED DAILY!

2015 - Still Active

Max, KE5JA will be active starting 30th May 2015 as 7Z1JA from Jubail (WW Loc. LL46TX), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for the next three or more years while working there. QRV on 160-6 metre CW, SSB and Digital modes. For fast QSL direct replies, QSL via his address in Bahrain: P.O. Box 82459, Budaiya, Kingdom of Bahrain. You may QSL via his Texas, USA address for KE5JA, but cards will only be answered several times a year when Max is home. Also QSL via USA QSL Bureau (W5 DX QSL ARRL Incoming Buro, PO Box 10, Hobart, OK 73651). [ARRL DX News]


01/01/2018:  3W9, XW4, HS0  SOUTHEAST ASIA TRIP -
John, KB4FB will be back to Southeast Asia in January-February, with holiday style activities from Vietnam as 3W9FB (early January and again early February), Laos as XW4FB (two weeks starting around 9 January), Thailand as HS0ZEG (a week starting around 23 January). QSLs via LOTW is preferred. [425 DX News]

09/03/2018:  XX9B  MACAO DXPEDITION -
XX9B DXpedition to be in the air between March 9th and March 17th:
CW - 1821.5, 3517, 7017, 10117, 14007, 18087, 21007, 24891 and 28007 kHz
SSB - 3777, 7075, 14167, 18137, 21277, 24930 and 28477 kHz
RTTY - 7047, 10147, 14087, 18107, 21087, 24927 and 28087 kHz
FT8 - 1840, 3573, 7074, 10136, 14074, 18100, 21074, 24915 and 28074 kHz
* We will listen DOWN 2-3 in 160m to JA. We will listen UP to all others.
[XX9B DXpedition Team]