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2015 - Tim Mitchell, KB1YBS
2014 - Ross Drivas, KB1OND
2013 - George Leahy, NX1C
2012 - Paul Alberghini  - W1IMD
2011 - John Bogner - W1JLB
2010 - Jack Ney - KC1UX
2009 - Rory McEwen - KB1PLY
2008 - Bryce Rumery - K1GAX
2007 - None
2006 - Ron Brown, KB1LXV (now WA1RB)
2005 - Peter Eastman - N1AKP
2004 - Bruce Howes - W1UJR
2003 - Bryce Rumery - K1GAX
2002 - Mike Kilmartin - N1GRO
2001 - Steven Thing - W1ZW
2000 - Al Perkins - KA1KIX
1999 - Peter Sturdivant - N1PS
1998 - Don Lockhart - N1AO
1997 - Bryce Rumery - K1GAX
1996 - Dale Darling - W9WBA
1995 - Joe Blinick - K1JB
1994 - Mike Russo - K1EU
1993 - Ron Levere - KA1FI
1992 - Barnie Reynolds - NX1A (SK)
1991 - James Farr - N1CGZ (SK)
The PAWA Ham of the Year is a member of the PAWA, who in the opinion of the PAWA's Ham of the Year committee, has made significant contributions to the PAWA and the amateur radio community over the past year. The PAWA Ham of the Year receives his or her name inscribed on the club's Ham of the Year plaque, receives a certificate at the annual dinner and awards night in December and a $ 50.00 check from the club.
Nominations for the PAWA Ham of the Year are taken during the month of November.
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PAWA Ham of the Year
Do you know of a ham that the PAWA should honor as the PAWA's Ham of the Year? Nominate by e-mail! The nominator and the nominee must be members in good standing of the PAWA (refer to the Roster page for members) and have made significant contributions to the betterment of the PAWA and the ham radio community.
Nominate by e-mail to Jack, KC1UX. The deadline for nominations is  November 6, 2016. Be sure to include the nominee's name, call sign and the reason you feel they should be named the PAWA's 2016 Ham of the Year.
Jack, KC1UX with the 2015 Ham of The Year Certificate
Tim, KB1YBS with his certificate