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Locator  :  JO21RI  =  51o21'32''N  5o25'37''E

Welcome to my Microwave project pages. Goal is that projects will be provided as a convenient reference for hams interested in Microwave projects worldwide.

I have been a licensed amateur radio operator since January 1, 1972 as a technical oriented licensee. My morse code license was issued in 1980.

My main interest have always been  microwave projects, especially narrowband equipment.

Have been building stuff for all bands from 144 up to 21168 MHz (21000 .. 22000 MHz was the 1.5 cm band in the Netherlands in 1979)

Photo from 21 GHz equipment during my experiments together with Hans PA0DBQ back in 1979, the IF transceiver is an Icom 402 .

Frequency = 2 x 10368 MHz + 432 MHz = 21168 MHz, estimated power -10 to 0 dBm. (CQPA 28 october 1979 (dutch))

Shortwave listening has been another favorite since long,

From 10 years of age when I built my first own medium wave 'crystal detector receiver' using a Ge OA85 diode.

Somewhat later I got some knowledge by building receivers from old scrap broadcast tube receivers, listening to broadcasting of music pirate ships such as the Mebo and King David

By tuning "below" broadcast I found ship communication (“visserij-band”) and a whole new interesting radio world opened up, and so the radio virus caught me.

In the years beyond I kept on tuning ......

Shortwave is now going digital, you can listen in by converting your shortwave receiver's IF to 12 kHz, to be fed into your PC's soundblaster

Please send e-mail to pa0jme@amsat.org if you have any questions.

Thanks & 73's,

Rien Eradus - PA0JME

#  1  24 GHz Grey Cube  experiments

#  2  ZDF locked frequency standard

#  3  Making your HP8690b PC swept

#  4 Making your HP8690b Phase-locked

#  5  Making your HP8620c PC swept

#  6  24 GHz Multiplier experiments

#  7  10 MHz TCXO narrow bandwidth PLL

#  8 12.8 MHz TCXO narrow bandwidth PLL for use with NRD525 converters

#  9 100 MHz PLL to mix LOs down

#10 24 GHz beacon experiments (to come)

#11 HP8709 usage with HP8690

#12 GPS-locked frequency standard (to come)

#13 Digital shortwave radio DRM