QRP Views & Reviews

Updated 24 October 1999

.....In this new section I plan to showcase as much QRP equipment as possible... Watch here for the latest and greatest new kits plus vintage QRP gear as well... I need your help on this one, if you have a new or old QRP rig or accessory that doesn't show up here, please do us a write up including photos and I will get them on line...

Thanks - Bruce - KL7H

Rigs & Accessories

Knightlites KnightSMiTe PC Board
Knightlites KnightSMiTe Parts Placement Chart
LDG QRP AT-11 Auto Tuner
OHR Explorer II Transceiver
OHR WM-1 Wattmeter
Pixie II Transceiver
Pixie II & Norcal 49er
Norcal 49er 40M Transceiver
Ten-Tec ARGO 556
Ten-Tec Power-Mite
Wilderness Radio Sierra Transceiver

Keys / Paddles

Bencher / BY-1 / Paddle
E.F. Johnson / Speed-X / "Bug"
"Hensley" Iambic Paddle
"March" Iambic Paddle
N2DAN "Mercury" Iambic Paddle
NorCal "K8FF" Iambic Paddle
"Paddlette" Iambic Paddle
Straight Key
Vibroplex / Deluxe Iambic Paddle
Vibroplex / Deluxe Blue Racer / "Bug"
W9WBL "WBL" Iambic Paddle
Whiterook / MK-44 / Iambic Paddle