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A Little About Me

I've been licensed since 1961 as KN9GDT and have never lost interest in the hobby. Amateur Radio is a collection of many sub-hobbies. Whatever you do in your ham career, there's always some facet remaining unexplored. Throughout the years, I've enjoyed HF, VHF, UHF, DXing, AM, SSB, traffic/social nets, RTTY, PSK31, transmitter fox hunting, CW and homebrewing gear.  Building equipment and CW have consistently held my interest.


   The photo on the QSL card was taken during late spring of 1961 for my KN9GDT QSL  A real junior op!
   The middle photo was taken in 1967 by my dad (K9GDU-SK) during a 6m band opening.  Do I look grumpy?
   There is a homebrew dual conversion 10m receiver partially visible on the top shelf.  Real top shelf gear!
   The third photo was taken in 2016. I used a FF dSLR for more detail so you can recognize me at a hamfest!

Homebrew Topics

40m CW/SSB Receiver
40m 100w Transmitter

75 Meter AM Transceiver
600 Watt Amplifier
75m transceiver
600 watt

   20 Meter CW/SSB Transceiver (Under Construction)

  20m 100w CW/SSB Transceiver  

So named because the project is being built on
a donated and depopulated Tempo One chassis.
July 23, 2016  →  Progress Report

   AGC Design - Some thoughts by this Jurassic Geezer  
   K9GDT's Homebrew Notes - Ramblings on the art and science of homebrewing radios
   Links to other Homebrew Radios - Some great gear here!

Attention Radio Builders!
Do you showcase your homebrew radio equipment on the worldwide web? If so, I would like to include a link to your site. It doesn't matter what you've got: original design or handbook project, solid state or tubes, simple or elaborate. Please tell me about your project.

Vintage Radio

vintage radio
   Some time after your 40th birthday, you begin to notice changes. For instance, how your arms gradually become too short to read a book....or a rekindled interest in the playthings of yesteryear....Lionel trains, Hallicrafters shortwave receivers or vintage cars, to name a few. I sure do miss that red 1966 MGB convertible!

Not long ago, these things were considered worthless junk....fodder for the landfill. Many are now considered classic industrial art. Pieces of vintage amateur radio equipment, affectionately called "boatanchors," are no exception.

Do you remember the Amateur Radio postage stamp?      

Check out some of my favorite boatanchors:

   My vintage radio page
   The K9GDT Cubic Mini-Museum


Are you're building new gear or restoring vintage radios? Finding parts and documentation can be a real problem.

   Here's a list of resources you may find useful.    October 21, 2016

Disclaimer: I cannot personally vouch for all of the suppliers listed on the resources page. If you've been treated unfairly by any of them, please tell me about it. I will consider removing them from the list.


   K9GDT's lighter side of Ham Radio
   N4UJW Don's "Ham Radio Humor?" page
   WM7Ds excellent Who's Who in Ham Radio

Noteworthy Web Pages

   Do you remember the BPL debacle? This spectrum polluter may return(opens in new browser window)     October 1, 2016
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   Can you identify the Ham Radio items shown below? (opens in new browser window)

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