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About me: My amateur radio callsign is K9GDT. I've been licensed since 1961 and have never lost interest in the hobby. Quite the opposite is true. My interest has grown steadily throughout the years. You see, amateur radio is actually a collection of many “sub-hobbies”. . . .claimed by some to exceed thirty. I believe this attribute explains my sustained interest. Whatever you do in your ham “career”, there’s always some facet which remains unexplored.

Throughout the years, I’ve enjoyed HF, VHF, UHF, DXing, VHF auroral propagation, SWLing, AM, SSB, traffic nets, social nets, RTTY, packet radio, CW (Morse code), transmitter fox hunting, and homebrewing. Two facets have consistently held my interest: homebrewing equipment and CW operation. And, oh yes...Despite statements to the contrary by mis-informed people, Morse code is very much alive and doing well.

Guest Operator:  Tom, WC9M
 Vital Information:
  • Knowledgeable boatanchor enthusiast.
  • Active HF/VHF AM operator
  • Homebrewer (Woohoo!)
  • Fisherman
  • His web site: Six Meter Radio & More
  • Avid motorcyclist.  Based out of East Moline, Tom and his merry band of “50 Megacycles” regularly terrorize small towns in Iowa, where hot persuit laws provide a safe haven for them east of the Mississippi river.   (If you’re in law enforcement, I’m kidding!)

Homebrew: Check out some of my homebrew radio gear:
40m CW/SSB Receiver
40m 100 watt CW/SSB/AM/RTTY Transmitter
75m AM Transceiver
600 Watt HF Amplifier

Coming soon to this web page! . . . .

K9GDT’s Homebrew Notes  - Ramblings on the art of homebrewing radios.

Oral History by Lieutenant Colonel R G Wells
The construction of radio equipment whilst in a Japanese Prisoner of War camp
in 1942 after the fall of Singapore. Recorded 13th September, 1995

New URL ! August 5, 2002

Attention Radio Builders! Do you showcase your homebrew radio equipment on the worldwide web? If so, I would like to include a link to your site. It doesn’t matter what you’ve got: original design or handbook project, solid state or tubes, simple or elaborate. Please let me know about it.- George

Links to other homebrew radios.

Vintage Radio: Some time after your 40th birthday, you begin to notice changes. For instance, how your arms gradually become too short to read a book....or a rekindled interest in the playthings of yesteryear....Lionel trains, Hallicrafters shortwave receivers or vintage cars, to name a few. I sure do miss that red 1966 MGB convertible!

Not long ago, these things were considered worthless junk....fodder for the landfill. Many are now considered classic “industrial art.” Pieces of vintage amateur radio equipment, affectionately called “boatanchors,” are no exception. Check out some of my favorite boatanchors:

The equipment in use at the K9GDT vintage AM station.
My favorite general coverage band cruiser, the Hammarlund SP600-JX17.
One of the finest communications receivers ever used by
    the US military: the Collins R388.
K9GDT’s Cubic Mini-Museum

Links to other vintage radios.

Resources: Whether you’re building new gear or restoring vintage radios, finding parts and documentation can be a real problem. Here’s a list of resources I hope you’ll find useful. June 29, 2002

Disclaimer: I cannot personally vouch for all of the suppliers listed on the resources page. If you’ve been treated unfairly by any of them, please tell me about it. I will consider removing them from the list. 

The Lighter Side: By now you’re probably finished with that first glass of Samuel Adams lager. So it looks like you’re just about ready for some Ham Radio humor. Have fun!

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