ZS1AU Operating Desk

The station is located in a room dedicated to my radio and computer equipment

The bottom shelf of the operating desk houses the radios I use most of the time. The black unit on the left is my Kyokuto VHF FM transceiver mounted on top of its power supply. On the right of the Kyokuto is my favourite Kenwood TS-440S which was connected to the Collins 30L linear amplifier in the middle. On the right of the amplifier is the standby TS-430S. The Collins is now replaced by a Yaesu FL-2100Z linear amplifier.

The middle shelf has some of my earlier Yaesu equipment. In the center is a photograph of my father Len Wells ZS1AU and on its right side is an Astatic D104 microphone (the famous lollipop mic). View this photograph of Len Wells in front of his homebrew station. On the top shelf is a framed QSL card I received from King Hussein JY1.

Photograph taken in April 1999

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