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Totally re-written and optimized for Windows Mobile devices. 


Pocket PC, running Windows Mobile 5

PocketPC2003 and Pocket PC2003 SE (AKA Windows Mobile)

Will also run on pocket PC2002 with compact framework runtime installed.


Upgrading from TrackSat/CE

If you are a registered user of TrackSat/CE your existing registration code will work fine with TrackSat/WM

You can choose to either uninstall the old version first, or leave it to compare, as TrackSat/WM installs into a different directory, so does not overwrite any TrackSat/CE files

Download current version  here


Tracksat/WM is supplied as freeware. You may download this program and use it for non-commercial use freely.

See the registration page for complimentary registration code.

I no longer provide any support for any of the software products on this website.