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TT Config/CE is a small utility I wrote to allow me to edit the settings in a TinyTrakI while I was out and about. I wrote it to run on my pocket PC, and have tested it running on my Jornada 545. I have also compiled versions that should run on Palm Size PC's (running WinCe v2.11)


Things to note:

(Please read this first there, is no help or readme files as yet !!!)

1) This is a Beta version.
2) It is software which means it is bound to have bugs!
3) I have only tested it so far on my Jornada HP545 pocket PC running Windows CE v3.0. It should run on all other versions of PPC (and PPC2002).
4) I have not tested the Palm PC version on a real device it should run on older versions of Palm size PC's running Windows CE v2, and v2.11. Let me know if it does and I will list here the devices it is known to work on.
5) If you try it and it doesn't work or if you find it has bugs, email me at [email protected], and I'll see if I can help.
6) Thanks very much to Byon Garrabant for helping me with sorting out a timing problem I had in writing to the TT.
7) Thanks also to Bruce Coates who posted the source code for his DOS configuration utility which is what I used to base this on.
8) And finally as allways:
No warrantee is expressed or implied. Anyone using this program does so completely at their own risk. I can not be held responsible in any way for any damages, either direct or indirect which may arise from the proper or improper use of this program.

Download TTConfig/CE